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3M 300LSE transfer tape

Signs or labels should be made self-adhesive? A display from a smartphone or tablet, for example, should be replaced independently?

Discover our products of the 300LSE adhesive series

They are particularly thin adhesive tapes or adhesive dots that are affixed with a solvent-free and modified acrylate adhesive that was specially developed for permanent bonding of many different materials, especially with low surface energy. It has a very high initial tack, is resistant to water and numerous chemicals and can withstand temperatures from -40 ° C to + 95 ° C for a short time even up to 150 ° C.


High quality adhesive transfer tape with intermediate carrier

The 300LSE adhesive series from 3M impresses with its high instantaneous adhesion and shear strength, even when used on materials with low surface energy. The 300LSE adhesive also delivers first-class performance on slightly oily and powder-coated surfaces. These are two adhesive masses that are reinforced in the middle with a transparent and very thin PET carrier. The tear-resistant intermediate carrier used ensures additional stability, which makes handling and processing easier. This means that the 3M 300 LSE adhesive tapes are also suitable for narrow contours, bars and filigree punched parts. Since these adhesive tapes are transparent, only 0.17 mm thick, they ensure an extremely inconspicuous and secure connection that can be easily removed again if necessary and the adhesive can be easily removed.

We offer the products of the 3M 300LSE adhesive series as rolls in various lengths and widths and as adhesive dots in various diameters. In addition, this product can be easily cut to the desired size.

Features at a glance:

  • tearproof
  • high instant adhesion and shear strength
  • high transparency and therefore inconspicuous
  • thin PET carrier for more comfortable handling
  • Available as rolls and adhesive dots
  • good chemical and moisture resistance
  • ideal for materials with low surface energy
  • temperature resistant between -40 ° C to + 90 ° C (briefly up to + 150 ° C)

What are low energy surfaces?

Every surface has a surface energy, a material property that gives a measure of the force of attraction of the material molecules. A surface with high surface energy allows an applied liquid to run off or to wet the surface. Gluing is usually straightforward here.

On surfaces with low surface energy, the applied liquid forms round droplets, as is known, for example, from special anti-roll coatings. These low-energy surfaces are difficult to glue. And it is precisely for such surfaces that 3M has created the 300LSE series of adhesives. The acrylate adhesive used here has been modified in such a way that it bonds these difficult-to-bond materials securely and permanently.

Examples of materials and their surface energy:

  • High surface energy: metals, porcelain, ceramics (unglazed), glass
  • Medium surface energy: cement, wood, polyamide, nylon
  • Low surface energy: PP, PE, rubber, TPO, some paints and coatings


  • Equip signs, labels, decorative elements self-adhesive
  • Connect the touchscreen displays to the housing
  • Bonding of material mixes e.g. plastic on metal, rubber on plastic, foam on chrome etc.
  • particularly suitable for low-energy surfaces such as PP and PE
  • for electronics, household, medical, automotive and aircraft sectors

Important information on processing

For a secure and permanent adhesive bond, the surfaces to be bonded must be dry and clean. We recommend using grease-free solvents such as isopropyl alcohol for cleaning.

When bonding, a temperature of at least + 4 ° C should prevail and the highest possible pressure should be exerted. The higher the temperature and pressure, the better the adhesive can penetrate the pores of the substrate and achieve correspondingly higher adhesive values.

  • Thoroughly clean and dry surfaces
  • Apply tape and press firmly or roll
  • Remove protective paper
  • Attach the counterpart with pressure

These products guarantee a secure and secure hold but can be easily removed again if necessary.

If you have any questions about our range of 3M 300LSE products, you can reach us on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. by calling 033 971 302417 or by email at [email protected].

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