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3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener

With this innovative, self-adhesive fastening system, you create an invisible connection that can be released at any time without the hassle of drilling or screwing.

Discover the world of 3M Dual Lock systems

The patented one-component reclosable fastener system from 3M based on the idea of the classic hook-and-loop variant, but with ten times higher retention force. The hold is created by interlocking mushroom heads, which, depending on the design, are attached in different numbers on the carrier tape.


More than just a simple Velcro strip...

The Dual Lock reclosable fastener straps consist of a polyolefin strip with "mushroom heads" on a short trunk. This connection, which can be connected and disconnected up to 1000 times, impresses with its enormous tensile strength. A connection is easily achieved by pressing the two elements together and you can clearly hear them click into place.

Strong glue made of synthetic rubber or acrylic on the back of the Velcro tape ensures a firm hold on a wide variety of surfaces.

The optimal choice if you want to connect rigid or semi-rigid elements together.

Possible applications:

  • Fastening of panels and cover plates
  • Putting up of signs, e.g. license plates
  • Fasten the vehicle area, e.g. cladding in the interior
  • Promotional material
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Furniture making
  • Dekorations

Advantages of the 3M Dual Lock summarized

  • Surfaces won’t be damaged, no drilling, screwing, or riveting
  • Invisible fastening beneath the surface, thus improved optics
  • Quick and clean assembly
  • Vibration and noise dampening
  • Reliable hold indoors and outdoors
  • Easy connection of different materials
3M SJ3540

The SJ3540 is a black snap fastener tape with synthetic rubber adhesive on the back and impresses with its high instant adhesion and adhesive strength on plastic materials, powder-coated surfaces, and other materials with low surface energy. The surface is equipped with 40 hemispherical heads per cm², which guarantees a balanced ratio between holding power and releasability.

3M SJ3551

The SJ3551 version is provided with a foamed acrylate adhesive from the VHB system and has been designed for bonding metal, glass, plastic materials, and paintwork with medium to high surface energy. 62 heads per cm² enable a very strong hold and make a connection difficult to loosen again.

3M SJ3550

The black reclosable fastener tape SJ3550 is also provided with a high-performance, foamed acrylate adhesive from the VHB system and is therefore ideal for bonding on metal, powder coatings or glass. The tape impresses with its high temperature, moisture and UV resistance and is therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. This version also has 40 heads per cm² and therefore harmonizes perfectly with the SJ3540 should a plastic be connected to a metal element.

All existing versions of the self-adhesive 3M reclosable fastener tapes from the SJ35xx series can easily be combined with one another and are therefore dynamic in terms of their closing and separating forces.

3M DL400

The self-adhesive fastening system DL400/5361 is equipped with an AR7 adhesive, which develops a high initial and final adhesive strength on many paint systems and is therefore predestined for applications in and on the vehicle. The advantage here is that the visco-elastic properties of this high-performance adhesive tape, in conjunction with the hemispherical heads, cushions undesirable rattling of components.

3M SJ 4570

The 3m Dual Lock System SJ4570 is a thinner and more flexible variant. It is designed for indoor use and is perfect for attaching posters, decorative moldings, or inspection panels, for example. The transparent material and the small thickness of the closure ensure an extremely inconspicuous connection. The acrylate adhesive used guarantees a secure hold on numerous surfaces such as metal, wood, glass and on many plasticizer-free plastics.

How do I choose the right 3M Dual Lock System?

As soon as the decision has been made to fasten it quickly and easily by using the 3M Dual Lock System, a few more things should be considered.

The Dual Lock products are affixed with different adhesives, whereby each adhesive has its own special features.

Synthetic rubber adhesive


  • High instant adhesion
  • Good shear strength
  • Good moisture resistance
  • Low solvent resistance
  • Moderate resistance to aging
  • Use indoors

    For which surface?

    Metal, glass, tiles, wood, various plastics, powder-coated surfaces, thermoplastics such as PP, PE

    Acrylate adhesive

    SJ3550 / SJ3560 / SJ3551

  • Good immediate adhesion
  • High shear strength
  • High final adhesive strength (after 72h)
  • High moisture resistance
  • High solvent resistance
  • High resistance to aging
  • Use indoors and outdoors

    For which surface?

    Metal, paint, powder paint, glass, ceramics, porcelain, plastics, wood, hard PVC

    Modified acrylate adhesive


    Has the same features as acrylate adhesives, but has been specially modified for low-energy surfaces.

    Use indoors and outdoors

    For which surface?

    Metal, glass, wood, many plasticizer-free plastics such as ABS, polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, polystyrene, hard PVC and powder-coated surfaces.

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