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3M anti-slip covering self-adhesive Safety Walk REF 610

The self-adhesive anti-slip coverings 3M Safety Walk REF 610 Type 1 minimize the risk of falling, tripping, and sliding accidents. The anti-slip tape is extremely resilient and durable. Due to the BIA-tested slip resistance, this tape is one of the most widely used slip inhibitors in industry and in the household.


  • Length: see selection
  • Width: see selection
  • Thickness: 0,76mm
  • Color: Black
  • self-adhesive
  • good adhesion to almost all dry, clean, and smooth surfaces
  • Type 1 with slip resistance R13 (BGR 181-DIN 51130)
  • good UV resistance


  • household, stairs, ladders, garden, boats, water sports
  • ramps, storage rooms, stage requirements
  • changing rooms, boats, sports centers, hotels, and hospitals
  • can be used inside and outside
Antirutschbelag mit hochwertige Mineralkörnung für extrem beanspruchte und stark frequentierte Bereiche. Rutschhemmung auch bei starker Verschmutzung.
Innen & Außen eine sehr gute Klebekraft auf nahezu allen trockenen, sauberen und glatten Oberflächen. Der leistungsstarke Klebstoff ermöglicht einfaches Verlegen.
Minimiert die Gefahr von Sturz, Stolper und Rutschunfällen. Für industriellen, gewerblichen und privaten Bereichen wie: Treppen, Leitern, Garten, Rampen, Lager, Bühnenbedarf uvm.

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The most important properties of the Safety Walk 610 Type 1

We offer the self-adhesive tape in various lengths and widths. The black tape will stick to almost any clean, smooth, smeared, dry or wet surface. In addition, it shows good resistance to UV rays, so that it can also be used permanently outdoors. The slip resistance is achieved by a special mineral grain that is embedded in a permanent polymer. A pressure-sensitive adhesive with extremely high adhesive strength is applied to the back of the 3M adhesive tape.

Use Safety Walk 610 Type 1 - the adhesive tape is a real help here

The Safety Walk anti-slip tape is suitable for all areas in which there are many people or light vehicles. These include hospitals, hotels, and sports centers as well as changing rooms or storage rooms. The mineral-grained adhesive tape also makes its contribution to increasing safety on stages, ramps, or boats. But it can also be used in private households, stairs, ladders or in the garden, where you want to delimit or mark areas, for example.

  • Content: 1,00 m

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Klebt sehr gut, sehr raue Oberfläche.

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Toll. So wollte ich das
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Super für das Geld. Erfüllt genau den Zweck. Auch nochmal vielen Dank an Dondo für das schnelle kostenlose zweite mal schicken, da das erste mal nichts bei mir ankam.

Anonym., 05.03.2021
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Genau nach meiner Erwartung !!!
Super schnelle Lieferung !!!

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Safety Walk Antirutschbelag
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Artikel entspricht genau meiner Vorstellung. Super schnelle Lieferung.

Anonym., 12.03.2021
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