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3M VHB 4905 transparent adhesive tape

The double-sided adhesive tape 3M VHB 4905 is ideal for a variety of materials with high surface energy, such as metals, plastics or glass and is characterized by its high transparency.


  • Width: as selected
  • Length: 5 meters
  • Thickness: 0.5mm

Suitable for:

  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • for the connection of high-energy materials such as B. Metals, painted surfaces, painted wood, ceramics, and many plastics
  • connection of transparent materials such as glass, polycarbonate, acrylic glass (PMMA)
Klebekraft auf Oberflächen
Metall, Lack, Pulverlack, Glas, Keramik, Porzellan, Blei, Zinn, Stahl, Zink, Aluminium, Kupfer, Silber, Gold, Titan, Chrom, Nickel, Eisen
EVA, PMMA, PS, PC, ABS, PVA, Acrylic, PPE, Holz, PVC, Polyester, PET, PU, Nylon, Polyamid, Zement
PTFE, Silikon, Naturkautschuk, PP, PVF, PE

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This 3M VHB double-sided high-performance adhesive tape offers optimal adaptability to the surfaces to be bonded. This feature makes it possible to connect both thin and structured surfaces over the entire surface and without tension. The tape is also characterized by good impact resistance at minus temperatures and very good plasticizer resistance. It is resistant to yellowing under the influence of UV as well as to many chemicals and has excellent weather resistance. The connection system 4905F is particularly suitable for bonding highly transparent materials such as glass, polycarbonate, acrylic glass (PMMA) and other transparent plastics. The closed-cell adhesive core made of acrylate forms an almost inseparable unit with the two functional adhesive surfaces. Unlike conventional foam adhesive tapes, the consistently viscoelastic adhesive creates a permanent, tension-free bond. It also has a vibration-damping and sealing effect.


  • Color: highly transparent
  • Adhesive: acrylate
  • Protective cover: foil / paper
  • Permanent temperature resistance: 90 ° C
  • Short-term temperature resistance: 150 ° C
  • strong double-sided adhesive

Original 3M VHB 4905F cut from industrial roll in a special cutting process, suitable for connecting the same and different high-energy materials, such as B. aluminum, steel, glass, ceramics, as well as hard PVC, ABS

Processing temperature: 15 ° C - 25 ° C

Apply adhesive tape with pressure and press for at least 10 seconds

  • Content: 5,00 m

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Doppelseitiges Klebebank 3 M VHB 4905 transparent
5 from 5
1 from 1 person found this helpful.

Bestellung und Lieferung 5 Sterne! Artikel kann ich noch nicht bewerten, da dieses Band für außen verwendet wird bei ca. 20 Grad +.

Anonym., 18.03.2021
Super Klebesteifen
5 from 5

Seit langem habe ich nach einen Kleber für meine Helikopter (Scheiben in den Helirumpf einkleben gesucht!!)
Mit Sekundenkelber ist das nicht machbar, wegen der Dämpfe die der Sek. Kleber auf das PVV Glas hinterläßt.!!!
Nun habe ich bei Dondo das gefunden, nach dem ich lange gesucht habe!!
Super saubere einklebungen der Scheiben, aber man sollte die Maße Breine 5mm stärke des Bandes 0,5mm Bestellen,
damit die Scheiben auch in der leichten vertiefung gut abschließen.
Ich bin Hochzufrieden mit diesem Klebesteifen, Scheiben eingeklebt Passgenauigkeit Super !!
Gebe 5, und mehr Sterne für diesen Super Kleber, und kann die Kleberolle jedem Modellbauer empfehlen !!

Anonym., 15.04.2021
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