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Abrasive fleece

Surfaces such as metal, wood or plastic need to be cleaned, deburred or roughened? Do you value an even and first-class surface?

Professional quality - 3M abrasive fleece

3M's Scotch-Brite nonwoven products make tough jobs a lot easier. They are built in a very open and surprisingly flexible three-dimensional structure. This structure ensures a spring effect, which allows the abrasive fleece to adapt optimally to all workpieces. Discover our range of 3M Scotch-Brite Abrasive Pads.


3M non-woven technology

The practical and flexible abrasive fleece consists of three components: nylon fibers, synthetic resin and an abrasive mineral. An open and particularly flexible three-dimensional product was created from this combination. This open structure prevents the abrasive from clogging, warping or discoloration of the workpiece. The fleeces are constructed in such a way that new abrasives are constantly applied to the work surface, thus guaranteeing consistent work results and a longer service life.

The enormous flexibility and the associated spring effect guarantee easier work, with the abrasive fleece optimally adapting to the workpieces and their contours. Numerous combinations of the components lead to many product solutions and thus the possibility of processing almost all materials with the appropriate fleece.

3M nonwoven products can be applied dry, wet, with oil or with a mild detergent.

Experience products that offer a long service life and always deliver consistently good results.

What can the abrasive fleeces be used for?

Our range of non-woven abrasives can be used for the surface treatment of numerous materials:

  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • non-ferrous metals
  • woods
  • varnishes
  • plastics
  • filler/ putty


Remove tarnish, rust, oxide, paint, coatings, or gasket residue using the following products: WR-SH 7557 / CF-HP 7447 / 7447 Pro / CP-HP 7440

These products are suitable for removing primer, paint or dirt and for maintaining boats and airplanes, cast iron or malleable iron: CF-HP 7447 / CF-HP 7448 / 7448 Pro


Remove burrs from surfaces and edges as well as punching and cutting burrs without creating secondary burrs. By removing the burrs, you also increase the corrosion resistance of the surfaces. The following abrasive fleeces are recommended for successful deburring: CP-SH 7440 / WR-SH 7557 / CF-HP 7447 / 7447 Pro

Finishing and leveling

The following fleeces are suitable for adjusting after bending and welding work and for decorative surfaces on metals: CF-HP 7448 / 7448 Pro / MX-HP 64660

Polishing / Woodworking

The following products are recommended for a final industrial polish in mold making and woodworking as well as for use in model making: CF-HP 7447 / 7447 Pro

We also recommend:

3M TwistLok Padhalter 961

The 3M Twist Lok 961 is a high-quality plastic holder that can work with almost all Scotch-Brite abrasive fleece. It has a hook system that fixes the fleece perfectly, but also releases it again without any problems. Its use is particularly recommended for hard-to-reach places and for larger and heavily soiled areas. The hand block is easy to use, makes work easier and protects hands from heat and cleaning agents.

An overview of the designations & FEPA - grain sizes

  • medium - P180 – P220
  • fine - P280 – P320
  • very fine - P320 – P360
  • super fine - P400 – P500
  • ultra fine - P500 – P600
  • extra fine - P800 – P1000

Scotch-Brite Nonwoven Materials:

CF – Clean & Finish Material:

Is a particularly flexible and universally usable material. Can be used for smoothing, matting or cleaning the surfaces as well as for deburring or removing wood fibers.

CP - Cut & Polish Material:

This very dense and durable abrasive fleece is often used for finishing work, where it guarantees a dense and even result.

WR – Wear Resistant Material:

It is an extremely durable and tear-resistant material and therefore ideally suited for applications with the highest demands.

What are the advantages of using abrasive fleece?

Working with 3M Abrasive Pads has numerous advantages. We have summarized a few for you in bullet points:

  • the shape of the workpiece is not changed
  • corrosion resistance of surfaces is increased by removing burrs
  • surface roughness is reduced quickly and efficiently
  • produces an even surface appearance
  • can be used dry, wet, with oil or a mild detergent
  • the open structure prevents clogging
  • no splintering, thereby increased work safety
  • surface is kept cool
  • does not produce deformations or tarnishing
  • burrs are removed without creating secondary burrs
  • guarantees a long service life
  • low noise working
  • waste and rework are reduced
  • Costs are reduced

By using 3M quality products, you reduce scrap and rework in all work steps, which not only reduces your costs but also ensures efficient work.

If you have any questions about our products, you can reach us on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.:

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