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Anti slip tapes

Anti-slip tape is ideally suited to reduce the slip resistance in outdoor and indoor areas. The application in the private as well as in the public sector can cover a wide range.

Are you looking for anti-slip tape? Then you are exactly right here!

You will find a large selection of anti-slip adhesive tapes in our online shop. Prevent the risk of slipping on the stairs, use it as a floor marker or for your bathroom (shower, bathtub) to increase safety. We have the right product for your individual needs.


Types of anti-slip tapes

To eliminate the risk of slipping in as many places as possible, anti-slip tapes can be attached to uneven surfaces.

Anti-slip tapes can be distinguished by their color:

black anti-slip tape

3M Safety Walk 610 black anti-slip tape.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for steps, ramps and loading areas to prevent accidents.

3M 613 Anti Rutsch Yellow Black

3M Safety Walk 613 Yellow-Black anti-slip tape.

The best choice for floor marking and warning marking of danger spots. The anti-slip surface is suitable for all smooth, wet, or smeared surfaces with intensive pedestrian and light vehicle traffic

Yellow Anti Slip

Dondo Anti-Slip Yellow Yellow anti-slip tape.

The yellow anti-slip tape from Dondo is very noticeable due to its yellow color and anti-slip, the perfect mixture of anti-slip coating and warning adhesive tape.

Anti-slip tape for stairs and bathroom

In our online shop you will find anti-slip tapes with excellent slip resistance. You do not need any additional glue or any other tools, as this is self-adhesive and very easy to apply.

3M Safety Walk 220

3M Safety Walk 220 Transparent anti-slip tape.

As inconspicuous anti-slip protection for your stairs, shower or bathtub. Due to its easy handling and durability, it is perfectly suitable for use in your apartment or house.

Why high quality anti-slip tape?

The longevity and the excellent durability allow more flexibility in use and save time-consuming maintenance.

Our high-quality anti-slip coverings were developed to increase the surefootedness on slippery floors. Since dangerous situations can occur again and again on wet, slippery, and smooth surfaces, these anti-slip strips and points are used as preventive measures.

They offer a simple, inexpensive and, above all, efficient anti-slip measure that prevents falls, trips, and slips.

Thanks to its strong adhesive strength, every anti-slip tape sticks securely and firmly, even on uneven surfaces or in a wet zone. They are high quality, are malleable, and easily adapt to edges.

The transparent and simple strip can be attached almost invisibly to all smooth surfaces and gives the surface the necessary hold without attracting much attention.

The anti-slip covering is equipped with a high-performance acrylic adhesive layer (especially for damp areas and conditions), so that it is child's play to apply and permanent adhesion is guaranteed.

The high-quality and durable plastic surface specially developed for this purpose has a pleasant sand-like grain and accompanies the user in every area with a secure feeling.

Advantages of anti-slip tapes

  1. easy assembly: thanks to a self-adhesive back
  2. optimal adhesion without peeling corners
  3. hard-wearing
  4. no peeling even after a long period of use
  5. no cleaning agents required


  • high quality and durable material
  • Non-slip surface structure creates optimal slip protection
  • comfortable even barefoot and on socks
  • for stairs made of wood, stone and concrete
  • particularly easy-care surface can be deformed

Bathroom, wet zone, stairs, boats - what are the possible uses?

Our professional anti-slip coverings were designed for all applications in the field of hobby, leisure, and occupational safety. Especially for all wet and barefoot areas, as one of the main areas of application in which the anti-slip coverings are used in the household is the bathroom. There are many smooth surfaces there which, in combination with water, can represent a risk of slipping.

Whether you want to make the shower basin or the bathtub non-slip, it ensures the necessary safety. The pleasant sand-like grain on the strip accompanies the user in the bathroom and surrounds him with a feeling of security with every step.

Cleaning is also very easy; all you have to do is rinse off the adhesive strips with warm water. You don't need any other cleaning agent. Some rubber mats, on which all sorts of inconveniences accumulate and form over time, look pale. The anti-slip coverings are also ideal for preventing any risk of slipping and falling, especially for older people and children, and can be used universally on all smooth surfaces.

Instructions and tips for attaching the anti-slip covering

If you have found a place that poses a risk of slipping, there are a few things to consider when applying the anti-slip tape.

Step by step instructions:

  1. The cleaning of the surface
  2. Before gluing the 3M Safety Walk anti-slip covering, it must be ensured that the area to be glued is free of dust, grease and completely dry. A standard glass cleaner is suitable for this. Due to their deformable properties, anti-slip tapes also adapt to corners.

  3. Remove the lower separating layer
  4. Once the surface has been thoroughly cleaned, the separating layer of the anti-slip tape can now be removed. Any finger contacts with the now exposed adhesive surface is to be avoided, as otherwise the adhesive strength may be impaired.

  5. Apply the anti-slip covering
  6. Now the covering can be applied to the desired surface. When gluing, it is important to ensure that there are no dust or dirt inclusions.

  7. Now press the covering firmly on
  8. To achieve the optimal adhesive effect, the covering is pressed on again vigorously. A pressure roller can be used for this purpose. After completing step 4, you have made an area non-slip and removed a potential hazard.

Removing the anti-slip covering

The 3M anti-slip covering can be removed without any problems even after many years, without leaving any residues from the adhesive. Take a corner of the glue point and start lifting the anti-slip coating with your fingernail from there.

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