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Protective films

Should a surface be protected sustainably and reliably against mechanical influences such as stone chips, dirt, or scratches?

Are you looking for a reliable protective film? You will find it here!

Anyone who has ever bought a new car knows the annoyance of an unsightly stone chip or scratches in the paintwork. This annoyance can be avoided in particularly vulnerable areas with a protective film from our range. Protect your private, rental, leasing or company vehicle without seriously affecting its appearance.


With our selection of protective films, we rely on the outstanding quality of two well-known partners, 3M and Orafol.

3M 8674

The 3M transparent paint protection film 8674 has its origin in aircraft production and maintenance, a fact that explains its special properties and capabilities. The protective film offers first-class erosion protection, is extremely scratch-, tear- and puncture-proof and, on top of that, has long-term resistance to UV radiation.

Please note:

The film is sandwiched between two protective liners (white at the bottom on the side of the adhesive surface + transparent as the upper protective cover), both of which must be removed.

3M 8674

The Orafol Oraguard 270 is a transparent and glossy polymer PVC film with excellent UV protection. It was specially developed as a stone chip protection film for vehicle parts, whereby bonding on flat to slightly curved surfaces is recommended. The protective film can be easily adjusted to the required size by hand or using a cutting plotter.

The shelf life of the Orafol protective film is stated to be up to 5 years.

On which surfaces can the protective films be used?

Basically, the films can be glued to all smooth and sensitive surfaces that are to be protected. They were developed primarily to protect painted surfaces from scratches, stone chips, UV, and weather exposure. But the protective films can also be applied to plastic, glass, or wooden surfaces to protect them from wounds, soiling or abrasion.

Possible uses of the protective films

The foils are often attached to particularly stressed areas around the vehicle. In the case of a car, for example:

  • fenders
  • side skirts
  • exterior mirrors
  • loading sill
  • spoilers
  • door handle / recess
  • door edges

But other vehicles such as motorcycles, bicycles or e-scooters also have these sensitive areas, and the protective films can also be attached there. In the case of a motorcycle, for example, it is the tank and areas of the fairing that are particularly prone to scratches or stone chips.

Our high-quality protective films can be used in countless ways beyond the vehicle sector. Areas and surfaces that are exposed to permanent mechanical loads are protected almost invisibly and the original look is retained.

What should be considered when gluing the protective film?

  1. It is imperative that the surface to be glued is clean, free of dust, grease and dry.
  2. If the surface has been freshly painted, the paint should be allowed to dry for three months.
  3. If possible, the bonding should be carried out at temperatures above 18° Celsius.
  4. We recommend wet bonding with our foils, although dry bonding is also possible.
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