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Self-adhesive Reclosable Fastener Pads

Self-adhesive reclosable fastener pads are practical, versatile, and functional. They can be used quickly, without drilling and thus without causing dirt and noise.

Discover our range of self-adhesive reclosable fastener pads!

With our range of self-adhesive reclosable fastener pads, we rely on the unique quality of the 3M brand. The products make it possible to create a permanent but nonetheless detachable connection.


One-component reclosable fastener pads

Both elements have the same small "mushroom heads" that audibly snap into each other. It is a 3M brand patented snap lock system. The reclosable fastener pads consist of a polyolefin strip with numerous "mushroom heads" on the back with a strong acrylic or rubber-based adhesive.

  • pressure lock by means of small "mushroom heads"
  • self-adhesive suitable for various surfaces
  • resealable up to 1000 times
  • higher holding forces than classic Velcro connections
  • different colors, sizes, and thicknesses of the closure

When you buy twelve pads, you have six fasteners available because the Velcro pads are attached to themselves.

SJ3550 Klettpads

3M SJ3550

SJ3560 Klettpads

3M SJ3560

The products of the SJ3550 / SJ 3560 series are equipped with an acrylate adhesive (VHB). This is characterized by its excellent final adhesive strength and is highly resistant to aging, UV, chemicals, and plasticizers.

SJ3550 - black reclosable fastener pads with white adhesive

SJ3550 - translucent reclosable fastener pads with transparent adhesive

Ideal for high-energy surfaces such as metal, glass, and many plastics.

The reclosable fastener pads from the SJ35XX series can be combined with one another.


The translucent reclosable fastener pads of the SJ4570 series are thinner and more flexible with a closure thickness of only 1.7mm and therefore more discreet to use. With this self-adhesive pressure lock variant, the acylate adhesive used is modified so that the pads can also be used on low-energy surfaces.

Two-component reclosable fastener pads

The more common system for creating a reclosable fastener connection consists of two different components. One side has small hooks, the other has soft, flexible loops. These are connected to one another by applying slight pressure and can be re-closed several thousand times if necessary.

SJ3526 & SJ3527

The self-adhesive reclosable fastener pads SJ3526 / SJ3527 are perfect for attaching or connecting semi-rigid elements such as tarpaulins or posters. The synthetic rubber adhesive used guarantees a high level of immediate adhesion on a variety of different surfaces.

What are the advantages of using reclosable fastener pads?

  • the application is easy, quick, and clean by hand
  • reliable hold on many different surfaces
  • can be used indoors and outdoors
  • pads are attached below the surface and are therefore invisible
  • have a vibration and noise dampening effect
  • can be opened and closed again up to a thousand times

What can self-adhesive reclosable fastener pads be used for?

We hear that the SJ3550 pads 25.4 x 50mm are often used to mount license plates on vehicles. Please read our article in the Dondo guide: License Plate mounting

Further mounting options:

  • wall cladding
  • cable ducts, strips, signs
  • decorations
  • promotional materials
  • upholstery attachment to furniture
  • various applications in the household or in the office

In the respective product descriptions, you will find information on the adhesive strength, exact dimensions, and features. In addition, we have listed special properties to make your selection as pleasant as possible.

If you have any questions about reclosable fastener pads, you can reach us on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. by calling 033 971 302417 or by email at [email protected]

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