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Surface treatment

You want to clean, matt, smooth or roughen metal or wooden surfaces?

Surfaces should be prepared for priming or painting?

Surface processing as easy as it gets with 3M professional products

3M experts have developed innovative products for almost all areas of application that help you to optimally process and treat surfaces. Our range of surface treatment stands for fast and economical work with improved productivity, because all articles guarantee a higher removal rate with constant surface results and, in addition, a longer service life of the products.


Discover our products for surface treatment

3M Soft Pads

3M Soft Pads

The 3M Soft Pads are particularly flexible sanding sponges that have been specially developed for hand sanding. With these, surface processing, especially in hard-to-reach places or curves, is particularly easy. The structure of polyurethane foam and the aluminum oxide grain guarantees maximum flexibility without kinking or forming sharp edges. The sanding sponges can be used dry or wet and produce a very fine and even finish. They are available in five different degrees of fineness.

For particularly tricky areas or when used in model making, the pads can also be easily brought to the desired size with the scissors.


Please make sure to use the 3M Soft Pads without applying pressure, otherwise the material tends to clog. The foam carrier cannot compensate for pressure, it only ensures that there are no sharp edges and that the result is even.

3M Flex Grip

3M Flex Grip sanding cloths

The handy sanding strips are extremely flexible, but thanks to the anti-slip coating they sit securely in the hand and enable hard-to-reach areas to be worked efficiently. The sanding cloths can be used for wet as well as dry sanding and each guarantee excellent sanding performance. They are available in eight different grain sizes and thus cover many areas of application, mainly in painting.

3M Scotch-Brite

3M Scotch-Brite Handpads

The 3M Scotch-Brite hand pads are versatile non-woven pads that are extremely resistant despite their high degree of flexibility. The basis is a stable nylon fleece in the entire structure of which abrasive grain is embedded. The spring effect resulting from this three-dimensional structure ensures a burr-free surface.

They are ideal for hand use as well as for use with a holder, such as the 3M Twist Lok 961 pad holder. Work such as deburring, cleaning, finishing or defibering can be done quickly and efficiently.

Cutting discs & Grinding discs

You too can benefit from the longevity of the cutting and grinding disks of the "Silverline series" based on the patented precision grain technology from 3M. The grinding discs contain precision-formed grain tips. These break during the grinding process and new sharp edges are created. With these you cut through the material and the surface is processed cleanly, whereas conventional abrasive grains scrape or plow through the material.

3M grinding disc

3M grinding disc

The 3M 51748 grinding disc is a universal genius when it comes to metalworking for use with an angle grinder. Whether surface grinding, chamfering, beveling, removing weld seams or deburring, the high-performance grinding disc is the ideal solution for numerous surface processing applications of construction and stainless steel as well as non-ferrous metals (not suitable for aluminum).

3M cutting disc

3M cutting disc

The 3M 51790 cutting disc guarantees undiminished cutting performance over its entire service life. It cuts quickly and evenly through metal pipes, flat sheets, sleeves, and other materials made of steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals. Designed for cutting construction and stainless steel using a cut-off or angle grinder.

A lot can happen, in metalworking. So, please ensure your safety and wear:

  • ear protection
  • eye protection
  • safety gloves
  • dust mask
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