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Adhesive tape

Whether as a do-it-yourselfer, DIY fan or commercial customer: In the large range on you will find an adhesive tape that exactly meets your requirements. As experts in adhesive products, we offer you high-quality adhesive tapes for different surfaces and purposes. We would be happy to assist you with your selection.

Our constantly growing range exclusively includes products from well-known and reliable manufacturers such as 3M, Tesa, Orafol, Nitto and our own brand DonDo. Buy conveniently and securely online without any additional shipping costs within Germany.


Which tape is the best?

There is no single solution for everything. Every adhesive tape has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the adhesive, carrier material and other product details.

Commercially available adhesive tapes usually rely on simple products with “all-purpose glue”, which offer good adhesive properties on uncomplicated surfaces. But most of the time it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the intended use and to choose a specially suitable adhesive tape.

Because different adhesives stick more or less well to different surfaces. Some adhesives stick immediately, others take a long time to develop their full adhesive strength. Some can be easily removed again if necessary, others are particularly resistant to environmental influences. The carrier material is also important, for example in terms of the flexibility, durability or processability of the adhesive tape.

For example, adhesive tapes with acrylate adhesives can have extremely high adhesive strength. They are insensitive to environmental influences such as UV light, temperature fluctuations or moisture and are therefore often the first choice for outdoor applications. However, they usually only develop their full adhesive effect after several hours or even days.

Adhesive tapes with rubber-resin adhesives, on the other hand, adhere very well and very quickly to many surfaces. These adhesives also have a particularly high shear strength so that the adhesive tape does not “creep” or “slip”. Compared to acrylate adhesives, however, they are not quite as resistant and can lose their adhesive strength at very high temperatures, for example.

Our product portfolio at a glance:

Whether single or double-sided, transparent, extra strong adhesive, weather-resistant or made of hard-wearing fabric: there is now a large variety of adhesive products for a wide variety of purposes. Discover the following adhesive tape solutions in the range:

Double-sided adhesive tape

Double-sided adhesive tape - For reliable attachments

Efficient, uncomplicated, and simply practical: If you want to join two materials together, double-sided adhesive tape is a very good solution. Depending on whether you want to quickly glue large surfaces such as carpets or attach objects reliably without drilling, there is a large selection of adhesive tapes with the right properties available.

Duct Tapes

Duct Tapes - sealing, touching up and much more

With its multi-layer structure, this adhesive tape is particularly stable. Between the adhesive layer and a protective outer layer there is a dense layer of fabric that strengthens the adhesive tape without affecting its flexibility. Fabric adhesive tape can be used in many ways in the home, garden and workshop and is used, for example, for the quick and uncomplicated repair of small cracks or other signs of wear and tear on pipes, lines, hoses, etc. Available in many different colors, it remains inconspicuous.

Transfer tape

Transfer tape - For precise bonding of device parts and Co.

These innovative adhesive tapes work without a carrier in the form of an adhesive film made of special acrylate adhesive, which is characterized by high adhesive strength and insensitivity to environmental influences. Due to the particularly small thickness, materials can be efficiently glued to one another without increasing the gap dimensions. This makes adhesive transfer tapes popular, among other things, for applications where high precision is required - for example when bonding electrical devices.

Packing tape

Packing tape - secure shipping goods

If you want to send goods safely, you can use high-quality adhesive parcel tape to close packages or shipping bags. It is irrelevant whether several parcels are packed commercially per day or only sporadically in the private sector.

Reclosable Fastener

Reclosable Fastener - Connect and open flexible items

Our range of self-adhesive reclosable fastener strips are a practical way of creating a connection that is not visible and can be opened and closed again at any time if necessary. Discover the classic hook and loop variant as well as the dual lock system patented by 3M. These tapes can be used for rigid and semi-rigid elements. It can be opened and closed up to 1000 times.

masking tape

Masking tape - For precise work preparation

An all-rounder based on a coated paper carrier. Our masking tapes, also known as masking tape, are particularly pliable and enable precise work with subsequently sharp colored edges. They are particularly pleasant to use because they can be unrolled extremely easily and quietly and can simply be torn from your hand. They can be used on numerous surfaces and can be removed again without leaving any residue.

vinyl pinstriping tape

Vinyl pinstriping tape - For precise work preparation

An all-rounder based on a coated paper carrier. Our masking tapes, also known as masking tape, are particularly pliable and enable precise work with subsequently sharp colored edges. They are particularly pleasant to use because they can be unrolled extremely easily and quietly and can simply be torn from your hand. They can be used on numerous surfaces and can be removed again without leaving any residue.

Sealing tape

Sealing tape - prevent the water leakage

If water has found an undesirable route, a suitable sealing tape enables quick and safe repairs. But sealing tapes are also used successfully in the construction phase to prevent these routes from happening in the first place. There are numerous areas of application: on roofs, downpipes, caravans, trailers or greenhouses, wherever water can penetrate.

Electrical insulating tape

Electrical insulating tape - A non-conductive repair tape

These particularly durable, tough and non-conductive PVC adhesive tapes are created for general insulation work and for temporary cable jacket repairs. In addition, they are also used for marking or color coding. The particularly flexible material adapts perfectly to a wide variety of material shapes and the adhesive used adheres to numerous surfaces.

Copper tape

Copper tape - shielding, grounding or decorating

They are mainly used in EMI / RFI shielding, but are also often used as anti-snail tape on beds or pots. The pure copper foil is covered with a strong, conductive acrylate adhesive, which is protected with a white paper strip. The tapes can be shaped and soldered, can be easily torn by hand and can be attached both indoors and outdoors.

Reflective tape

Reflective tape - Sichtbarkeit steigern

Adhesive foils with the property of reflecting incoming light and a simple way to provide more visibility. They are used, for example, to mark danger spots or construction sites, for advertising or information signs and in road traffic. Choose from different reflection classes, colors and formats.

How do you find the right tape?

Anyone who has decided on the practical connection by gluing should think about a few important points before buying:

Which materials do I want to stick on?

Every material has a surface energy, which, to put it simply, determines how the applied liquid behaves.

In the case of high-energy surfaces, the liquid runs, there is good wetting and can therefore also be easily glued. This includes, for example, glass and many metals.

On the other hand, round drops form on low-energy surfaces, there is only very little wetting and sticking is difficult. This applies, for example, to polyolefin plastics such as PP and PE as well as to rubber and non-stick surfaces.

Everything in between, that means where the liquid does not form round drops, but also does not run perfectly, has a medium surface energy. This includes the surfaces of natural materials such as wood, concrete or stone as well as many technical plastics.

Caution is advised on particularly sensitive surfaces. We recommend a test application in an inconspicuous place. In the case of natural stone such as marble or granite, for example, discoloration of the surface can occur after just a short amount of adhesive tape.

An extremely large range of adhesive tapes makes it possible to bond almost all surfaces and also to securely connect different materials.

How does a surface become more adhesive-friendly?

With a thorough cleaning and drying of the surfaces to be bonded, everything is usually done. Solvents that flash off completely are best for this. In the case of materials that are difficult to glue, it is helpful to roughen the surface and use a primer that matches the adhesive.

What is the surface like?

In principle, smooth surfaces are easier to glue than rough or structured surfaces, because the adhesive tape lies almost completely on the material. But there are also numerous adhesive tape solutions with a special texture for rough and structured surfaces. In addition, it must be ensured that the surfaces are free of dirt, dust or grease so that the adhesive can completely wet the surface.

Important: We recommend testing the surface to be glued for the compatibility of the adhesive tape and carrying out a test application before each use. If possible, this bonding should take place under the actual conditions, that means on the original surface and under all conditions that the future connection is intended to support.

To do this, attach a strip of the adhesive tape to an inconspicuous place and peel it off again after about 12 hours. Then you can assess whether the surface allows a connection with the selected adhesive tape.

How long should the adhesive bond exist?

Do you need an adhesive tape to temporarily mask or fix something or do you want a permanent connection over a longer period of time?

In the case of adhesive tapes for short-term fixings or for masking, for example our masking tapes, the adhesive used is such that the adhesive tape can easily be removed without residue after use.

For bonds that are long-term, it is essential to follow the instructions for use of the corresponding adhesive tape. The adhering acrylate adhesive must be "activated" by pressing it on and sometimes needs up to 72 hours before it can be stressed.

What weather conditions and / or loads is the adhesive tape exposed to?

In addition to the question of where or how long the adhesive tape should be attached, it is essential to consider the influences that the connection is exposed to.

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Temperature range
  • UV exposure
  • Humidity
  • Weather
  • chemicals

But don't worry, we will be happy to help you find the right adhesive tape: Just take a look at the detailed descriptions of our products. There you will not only see technical data on dimensions, adhesive strength, but also a lot of helpful information on recommended uses and tips for correct application.

However, you don't have to pick out all the differences on Simply filter by manufacturer, type of connection, surface and color to only display special adhesive tapes. On our product pages, you can also quickly and easily see which surfaces an adhesive tape specializes in.

Three scales show you the adhesive strength on high, medium and low energy surfaces. In addition, the most common materials are listed as examples. So you're sure to find the right tape for your needs. You have further questions? We are happy to advise you personally.

Which adhesive tape can be removed without leaving any residue?

If residues remain when the adhesive tape is peeled off, it is usually an adhesive compound that has detached from the carrier material. To avoid this as much as possible, choose a high-quality adhesive tape that is especially suitable for the surface and the intended use, especially for sensitive surfaces - for example, a crepe adhesive tape for covering during painting work.

Also note that the properties of the adhesive can change over time, especially if the tape is exposed to environmental influences. If you are considering removing as residue-free as possible even after long periods of application, then choose an aging-resistant product. Detailed information on detachability and the period in which a product can be detached can be found in the product description.

How are adhesive tapes used correctly?

Depending on which adhesive tape you have chosen, a few points should be observed when using it. Especially when you have selected an adhesive tape for long-term installation.

  • Touching - Avoid touching the adhesive surface with your fingers. However, if it cannot be avoided, then let the touched piece protrude and then cut it off.
  • Cleaning - Make sure that the surface is free of dust and grease and that it is dry.
  • Attaching - Do not stretch the adhesive tape while attaching it, avoid air pockets and press it on evenly.
  • Temperature - As a rule, the optimal processing temperature is between +15 ° C and +25 ° C. The joining partners should also have approximately the same temperature.
  • Wait - some adhesives take up to 72 hours to achieve their ultimate performance.

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Whether for mending, fixing or handicrafts, for the home workshop or your business. You will find the right adhesive tape for your needs in our range. Discover the products of our partners 3M, tesa, Nitto and Orafol as well as the adhesive tapes of our own brand DonDo in numerous designs. And because we know that sometimes even the smallest detail counts, we also offer you custom-made products. Simply contact us for a non-binding consultation, in which we will find the right adhesive tape for your needs. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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