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Clear adhesive tapes

Would you like to glue something together, attach it almost invisibly to glass or seal and pack it discreetly?

We are sure you will find the right one in our range of transparent adhesive tapes.

Specialized in adhesive technology, we offer you high-quality adhesive tapes from well-known brands such as 3M, tesa or our own brand DonDO with different features and for a wide variety of applications. We are happy to support you in your selection.


What you should know about clear tape!

Before you start gluing and to achieve an optimal result, you should think about a few points beforehand.

  • Which materials should be glued?
  • What is the surface of the elements to be glued like? Smooth, rough, or structured?
  • What temperatures should the connection withstand?
  • Will the transparent adhesive tape be used indoors or outdoors?
  • And also important: How big is the area that is to be glued?
  • In our product descriptions you will find information about the adhesive strength on different surfaces, information on processing and even examples that illustrate where the respective product can be used. In addition, most of our transparent adhesive tapes are available in different widths.

    Which transparent adhesive tapes are there and what are they used for?

    Single sided adhesive tapes

    Everyone knows them and has certainly already used them, in the form of a plaster, as a so-called adhesive strip or as a package tape. Single-sided adhesive tapes consist of a carrier with adhesive on one side. These can be different materials, both for the carrier and for the adhesive. Choose the one-sided, transparent adhesive tape that is right for you.

    tesa packing tape

    The tesa packing tape guarantees safe and almost invisible packaging. Especially those who use colored cardboard boxes or cardboard boxes with company advertising love to use transparent packaging tape to send goods as attractively as possible.


    Our DonDo-Seal high-performance sealing tape was specially developed to discreetly seal or repair transparent materials such as glass, shower walls or advertising signs. This sealing tape has excellent adhesive features and is created for long-term use with a safely hold.

    Double sided adhesive tapes

    As the name suggests, it is a carrier material with adhesive on both sides. These tapes are first to choose when it comes to connect two elements permanently or even temporarily. You can find the transparent double-sided adhesive tape on in different thicknesses, widths, lengths, in the form of pads or sheets and with different adhesive strength.

    Nano Magic Tape

    The transparent Nano Magic Tape consists of a clear nano PU gel and enables flexible and almost invisible mounting of pictures, photos, decorations, carpets and much more. It is a very robust double-sided adhesive tape with excellent adhesive features on various surfaces. On top of that, it is washable and can therefore be used again.

    Durchsichtiges 3M Klebeband

    The transparent high-performance adhesive tape 3M VHB 4905 is perfect for use on materials with high surface energy, such as metals, plastics, or ceramics, as well as for bonding transparent materials such as glass, acrylic glass, or polycarbonate. It can be used indoors and outdoors and has good temperature and weather resistance. Largely resistant to many chemicals, it yellows more slowly under the influence of UV and has a vibration-damping and sealing effect.

    Transfer tapes

    This is not a classic adhesive tape, but a pure adhesive that is located between two layers of protective paper. This transparent adhesive is very malleable and therefore particularly suitable for bonding roughened and structured surfaces. It impresses with its long shelf life and can still be easily removed if necessary. Since this type of permanent connection offers many possible uses, adhesive transfer tape has already ceased to be a product that isn’t demanded by industry only.

    3M 468

    The 3M 468MP is a transparent transfer adhesive that was specially developed for industry. But also, craftsmen and hobbyists already appreciate extraordinary features, such as resistance to UV rays, water, and chemicals.

    Transferklebeband 3M 9495LE

    With the 3M 9495LE, the 3M brand has developed a transparent adhesive transfer tape that also unfolds its excellent adhesive effect on low-energetically surfaces such as PE or PP. With help of this adhesive, displays and touchscreens in smartphone housings are securely and permanently bonded. offers a variety of transparent adhesive tapes with different features for countless possible uses. Here you can purchase online the best quality at fair prices and free shipping within Germany!

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