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Clear rubber feet bumper

The subtle way to ensure peace or protection in an uncomplicated but effective way, whether at home, in the office or in the industrial sector.

Discover transparent, self-adhesive elastic buffers from the 3M brand and our own brand Bumpondo.

The transparent elastic buffers are small, practical and easy to use and yet they can have an enormous effect. They serve as spacers or stop buffers and quickly and easily create a non-slip stand. In addition, they have a vibration and noise dampening effect and also ensure good air circulation.


They are made of a plasticizer-free, permanently elastic and abrasion-resistant polyurethane and are equipped with either an acrylate or synthetic rubber adhesive. The acrylate adhesive has an impressive final adhesive strength as well as high aging and UV resistance. The synthetic rubber adhesive, on the other hand, impresses not only with its high instantaneous adhesion but also with its good adhesive strength even on low-energy surfaces such as PP or PE. The material leaves no scuff marks or scratches and is also particularly slip and abrasion resistant.

What are the possible uses of transparent elastic buffers?

They can be found under many names such as rubber buffers, stop buffers or rubber feet, with numerous possible uses resulting from these names. You can use the elastic buffers, for example, as noise dampers, protective feet or spacers. The transparent coloring is ideal for inconspicuous use on acrylic and glass surfaces or objects.

We offer the transparent elastic buffers in many different shapes and sizes, which results in a wide range of uses.

hemispherical elastic buffers

hemispherical elastic buffers

Often used as stop buffers, e.g. on the inside of furniture doors or drawers, to prevent annoying noises when closing. The hemispheres are also ideal for use as a foot under vases, decorative items or technical devices that stand on sensitive surfaces.

trapezoidal / flattened elastic buffers

trapezoidal / flattened elastic buffers

The ideal choice for use as non-slip and vibration-damping device feet or spacers, at the same time they protect the respective surface from scratches and leave no stains.

Advantages of transparent elastic buffers

  • Thanks to its transparency, it is inconspicuous to use
  • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • self-adhesive
  • easy and quick to apply
  • suitable for almost all surfaces
  • high UV resistance
  • high abrasion resistance
  • without plasticizers
  • Protection for devices and surfaces

How are the transparent elastic buffers used?

  1. Clean and dry the surface
  2. Remove the elastic buffer from the protective tape
  3. Apply pressure to the surface
  4. Press firmly for another 30 seconds
  5. Done!

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