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Copper Tapes & Foil

  • Electronic devices need to be protected from electromagnetic interference?
  • Static charging must be avoided?
  • You want to protect flowers and plants from snail infestation?
  • Creative ideas shall be implemented quickly and easily?
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    Copper tapes and their features

    Copper adhesive tapes consist of a smooth copper foil with a strong, conductive acrylic adhesive on the back. The adhesive surface is protected with a white, easily peelable paper strip. Copper tapes are flexible, malleable and solderable, have high conductivity with low resistance, are waterproof and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    In addition, our copper adhesive tapes can be easily cut or torn by hand, which makes them much easier to use.

    Here is a small selection of our Copper Tapes

    Dondo Copper Tape

    Our Dondo copper tape is a popular, self-adhesive anti-snail tape. It reliably protects your plants from snail infestation and other unloved insects. The tape consists of a 0.04 mm thin copper foil, which is covered with a conductive acrylic adhesive and impresses with its excellent heat resistance. Because of this, it can also be used to prevent static charging and / or to counteract electrical interference.

    3M copper tape 1181

    The 3M copper tape 1181 has found its purpose in EMI / RFI shielding. It reduces electrical malfunctions and is therefore mainly used in the electrical industry, e.g., for cable wraps, as surface contact and for shielding electromagnetic waves. The acrylic adhesive attached to the copper foil is conductive and resistant to solvents.

    What can copper tapes be used for?


    The main area of application is and remains the shielding of electromagnetic fields. Copper tape helps suppress radio-electric waves and thus electromagnetic interference from other nearby devices.

    This type of shielding is indispensable in electronics and also in air traffic, and communication technology and entertainment electronics would not be usable without it. With our copper adhesive tapes, you can easily and conveniently protect your devices from interference.

    Snail fright

    The copper tape has also made a name for itself in the garden. It has been used successfully to keep snails away from planted beds and pots. Snails don't like copper at all.

    Immediately after contact with the metal, there is an unpleasant chemical reaction that causes the snails to retreat. And by the way, your beds and planters will be beautifully decorated and thus visually enhanced.

    Hobby / handicrafts / DIY

    Copper ribbons are becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to decorating or creatively designing various DIY projects. The color of the copper band is a real eye-catcher thanks to the shiny surface and is therefore very trendy.

    Hobbyists who are into electronics use the conductivity of the copper adhesive tape and create paper circuits using the tape as conductor.

    Briefly summarized:

  • For electric shielding
  • For grounding
  • Modelling
  • For paper circuits
  • Decoration / handicrafts
  • Protection from snails
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