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Double-sided adhesive dots

Double-sided adhesive dots are versatile, practical and functional. You can use the double-sided adhesive dots on metal, wood, paper, glass and other materials, for example to attach your new smoke detector to the ceiling. With the double-sided adhesive dots, you no longer need a drill or dowel.

At you can determine the package size yourself or you can choose a package with 20 or 30 double-sided adhesive dots.


Double-sided adhesive dots – versatile applicability

Double-sided adhesive dots are available in different sizes and different colors. Transparent double-sided adhesive dots are also particularly inconspicuous. They are a further development of the double-sided adhesive tape and are particularly suitable for punctual, precisely fitting use on smaller areas.

Many double-sided adhesive dots have tabs that make it easier to remove them from the carrier material. Once attached, these tabs help to remove the paper fleece on the side that was not previously connected to the carrier material.

The adhesive products are available in different versions

Simple double-sided adhesive dots with paper fleece can connect paper and plastic. Special double-sided adhesive dots even bond surfaces such as glass and metal.

Foam glue dots can be used to attach mirrors, signs, or moldings. The special thing about the foam adhesive dots is that they are resistant to the weather or UV light. This means that the adhesive force of the foam adhesive dots is better retained even under difficult conditions. With adhesive dots like this, attaching a mirror or picture strips becomes child's play.

So-called high-performance adhesive dots, which are made of acrylate and are particularly suitable for rigid surfaces, ensure particularly strong connections. The best-known products in this group include the double-sided adhesive dots from 3M. They impress with their extra strong hold and easy assembly. Thanks to the double-sided acrylic adhesive, the dots are strongly adhesive on both sides. The 3M adhesive dots have excellent adhesive strength on low and medium-energy surfaces. Thanks to their high temperature resistance, they are very versatile.

In our shop you can get the branded products from 3M in different sizes and colors.

Double-sided adhesive dots - a quick help for craftsmen

Adhesive products that are difficult to remove are advantageous for renovation work and other manual work. Despite their adhesive power, you can quickly detach the adhesive dots from the carrier material so that they can be used spontaneously for DIY and renovation. This is where the assembly adhesive dots from our own brand DonDo come into play. They have an extremely strong hold - even on uneven surfaces. Whether felt, foil or metal - permanent bonding becomes child's play. You will also find foam adhesive dots in our range. You can easily attach foam adhesive dots with tabs in the middle or on the edge of the object to be attached.

Our tip: Use the foam adhesive dots to attach smoke alarms indoors and outdoors. The double-sided adhesive pads from 3M in white are also convincing. Reliable aging and weather resistance allow the bonding of plastics and low-energy materials.

Buy high quality adhesive dots

Adhesive pads and dots are a real asset for every household. They quickly bond a wide variety of materials; help attach decorative items or repair broken objects.

Extra strong adhesive points from Tesa and 3M are particularly reliable. But the corresponding products from our cheaper own brand are also worth a look. For example, our marking points with particularly strong adhesive power. Whether 3M adhesive dots, marker points from Tesa or products from our own brand: Dondo

In our shop you will find the right adhesive solution for your purposes. If you are still unsure which adhesive dots is the right one for your purposes, you can order adhesive pads and adhesive dots from 3M made to measure and quantity. These are suitable for a variety of materials. The transparent adhesive dots from 3M are particularly versatile.

Advantages of adhesive dots at a glance

  • Double-sided adhesive dots can be used in many ways and - depending on the type - adhere to a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Many adhesive dots are particularly easy to remove without leaving any residue. This is ideal for applying to delicate surfaces or wallpaper.
  • You have the choice between colored adhesive pads and dots. In places where the dots should be less noticeable, we recommend transparent double-sided adhesive dots.
  • Transparent products are suitable for the almost invisible bonding of transparent materials such as glass or polycarbonate.
  • The points are easy to process and usually leave no residue. You can therefore safely use the adhesive dots in the office or at home.
  • Since the points can be removed again, they can also be corrected after they have been attached. So, everything is exactly where it should be.
  • Whether indoor, outdoor, household, job, car, or hobby, we have the right points with double-sided adhesive for every area of application.
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