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Duct tape

We carry a large range of high-quality armored tapes from well-known manufacturers such as 3M, tesa and our own brand Dontex.

Are you looking for duct tape? Then you are exactly right here!

Fabric adhesive tape or duct tape is particularly stable and durable. It was originally used in the military and is also known as duct tape, gorilla tape, repair tape or gaffer tape. Thanks to its high adhesive strength and tear resistance, you can use it as an all-round talent in the household, when camping or in the workshop for many repairs.


How is duct tape made?

An armored tape basically consists of three layers: The outer layer is the so-called protective layer. It consists of a plastic and protects the other layers from erosion, solar radiation or moisture and thus ensures high temperature resistance.

Most manufacturers use polyethylene for the outer layer. The middle layer of the duct tape consists of longitudinally laid out and tear-resistant fibers, which result in a particularly dense fabric structure. Poly fabric, nylon, but also viscose are often used to manufacture duct tape.

The adhesive layer is the last layer of the tape. Here at Gaffa-Tapes a rubber-based adhesive such as natural rubber is used. The excellent adhesive strength on uneven surfaces and the adaptability of the repair tapes are to be mentioned as the greatest advantages.

What can duct tape be used for?

Black duct tape

Black duct tape Dontex Black Pro.

The Dontex fabric tape in black is mostly used in the home and workshop when it comes to fixing something quickly and reliably.

Wasserfestes Panzertape 3M 389

Waterproof duct tape 3M 389 Premium fabric tape.

The 389-fabric tape from 3M can also be used in damp conditions, as it was developed with a focus on increased water and aging resistance.

Weißes Panzertape

White duct tape Dontex White Pro.

If something is to be bonded or repaired on white surfaces, duct tape in white is of course also recommended. This way you can fix things quickly and easily without being noticed.

tesa Gewebeband

tesa fabric tape 4688 in black.

The tesa 4688 fabric adhesive tape impresses with its extensive range of uses. With its rubber adhesive, it is ideally suited for many surfaces.

Features of our duct tape

  • high quality and durable material
  • very good adhesive strength
  • suitable for many surfaces
  • clean tear-off edges
  • can also be used on structured surfaces
  • can also be used outdoors
  • high temperature resistance
  • resistant to water and aging

Fabric tape differs from ordinary adhesive tapes in several ways and is, for example, heavier and thicker than insulating tape or packaging tape. The strong adhesive force also makes it possible to apply the tape to uneven, dirty, or oily surfaces. It should also be mentioned that the adhesive tapes can be removed without leaving any residue and therefore leave no traces behind. Some duct tapes are even water-repellent, others have a UV-resistant carrier material and therefore do not lose their sealing effect or adhesive strength even under high solar radiation. The fabric tape is of course also available as a double-sided adhesive tape.

This is how you can use duct tape

The features mean that the duct tape can be used in a variety of ways in the home, garden, and workshop. Here, objects are often impaired in their functionality due to frequent use or the effects of the weather. You can use the adhesive tapes to repair pipes, lines, and hoses. It is also used to glue cracks.

There is no general answer to which adhesive tape is exactly right for you but depends on the application. Its extensive properties also make the duct tape a good helper for painting work when surfaces must be masked off. The tape can also serve well in other manual activities.

Water-repellent fabric adhesive tapes are helpful to fix cables on the floor, protect them from water and at the same time eliminate tripping hazards. With the help of the fabric tape, you can temporarily patch pipes, glue cracks in the material or seal a small hole in the garden hose. Other tapes have a high temperature resistance and can mainly be used outdoors, for example on construction sites.

To get the most out of the sealing function, we always recommend tearing off the fabric-reinforced adhesive tape and not cutting it with scissors, as the cut could otherwise reduce the adhesive force as the polyethylene fibers warp.

Buy duct tape in the online shop

Dondo is a partner of major brands such as tesa and 3M as well as Nitto and Orafol. We are happy to accept your special order and manufacture the desired adhesive tape according to your dimensions and needs. Our customer service team will be happy to advise you on your choice so that you can find exactly the right adhesive tape. So that you can use the duct tape quickly, it is usually dispatched one working day after receipt of payment. Since we ship with Deutsche Post, your order will usually be with you two days later.

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