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Heat-Resistant adhesive tapes

If you want to fix something in an environment with high operating temperatures, you probably don't think about using adhesive tape at first. There are numerous ways to create a secure and heat-resistant adhesive bond.

Do you need a heat-resistant adhesive tape? You can find it here!

As soon as a project is exposed to higher temperatures, you should carefully consider which tape to use for a connection. The gluing itself will probably not be a problem, but a secure hold under the influence of elevated temperatures is only given if a heat-resistant adhesive tape is used.


Our range of different types of heat-resistant adhesive tapes

Transfer tapes

Transfer adhesive tapes are pure adhesive without (intermediate) carriers embedded between two protective covers (liners). This variant of adhesive tapes has a high degree of flexibility and adaptability, with roughness in the surface being compensated for very well. The adhesive used determines other properties such as temperature, solvent, or UV resistance as well as the adhesive strength on the materials to be joined.

3M 966 transfer adhesive

The 3M 966 transfer adhesive was specially created for industrial applications that require high heat resistance and permanent adhesive strength. The resulting adhesive bond can withstand a permanent load of 150 ° C and for a short time it can even be loaded up to 260 ° C. The adhesive also impresses with its excellent resistance to UV light as well as chemicals and solvents.

The transfer adhesive is not suitable for bonding on rough surfaces and low-energy materials such as PP.

Are used to produce self-adhesive metal signs that must withstand high temperatures, to name just one example.

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Adhesive tapes made from 100% closed-cell acrylic foam adhesive

These are double-sided high-performance adhesive tapes with excellent adhesive properties. They have a very high instant adhesion and enable tension-free bonding. In addition, they impress with their high temperature, weather, UV, and solvent resistance, which enables them to be used both indoors and outdoors. The heat-resistant adhesive tapes made of acrylate foam adhesive are highly adaptable, which enables a secure connection, even on rough surfaces. They also have a sealing and insulating effect.

3M GPH Klebeband

The 3M VHB GPH adhesive tapes are the first choice for joining components that are still to be powder-coated, because the increased operating temperatures cannot affect these adhesive tapes. They are long-term temperature resistant up to 150 ° C and for a short time even up to 230 ° C. In addition, they are perfect for multi-material connections, i.e., high, and medium-energy materials can be bonded with little effort.

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Sealing tapes

They are equipped with adhesive on one side and enable watertight seals on edges, transitions, contours, screw heads or rivets. Especially in summer when there is direct sunlight, amazing temperatures can arise on surfaces. You are on the safe side with a heat-resistant adhesive tape from our range. Seal a wide variety of materials, indoors and outdoors, quickly, easily, and permanently.

Dondo Seal Dichtband

Our Dondo-Seal sealing tape impresses with its extraordinary adhesive properties even at high temperatures. It was specially developed for sealing a wide variety of materials, with the transparent "crystal clear" variant being particularly discreet. The heat-resistant sealing tape impresses with a temperature resistance of up to + 93 ° C, has a high adaptability to shape and is weatherproof.

Other heat-resistant sealing tapes from our range

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