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Masking tape

Known by names such as painter's tape, crepe tape or masking tape it is most often used in painting and varnishing work to protect surfaces from paint splashes, varnish, or plaster. Due to its unique features, there are uncountable possible uses for the masking tape.

At you buy first-class painter's and masking tapes at the best price-performance ratio!

Careful preparation with high-quality equipment saves time and frustration because annoying rework is no longer necessary. Our masking tapes can be easily processed and removed again without leaving any residue.


High Quality Masking Tape - Well taped, is half painted!

Do you want to paint your home? You like to paint something or renew the joints in your tiles? Are you a professional painter and looking for a reliable masking tape to make a living?

Here are some possible uses:

  • For masking tiles, light switches, sockets, strips, pipes, windowsills, window, and door frames
  • For bundling, fixing, protecting, closing
  • Creative design e.g., on walls or canvases

Our high quality masking tapes

3M 244

The 3M 244 Malerkrepp is a golden masking tape and a real all-rounder, because it can be used for almost all interior and exterior covering work. It consists of thin, impregnated paper, ensures particularly sharp color edges, and prevents the color from running under and bleeding through. It is suitable for use on smooth and slightly structured surfaces such as glass, plastic, paint, wood, or wallpaper. A very popular product that convinces with its UV and water resistance.

tesa 4334

With the tesa 4334 you buy a precision masking tape, which is covered with an age-resistant acrylic adhesive. This allows use indoors for up to 6 months and outdoors for up to 8 weeks. The thin, tear-resistant and almost transparent paper backing is very supple and enables easy and precise positioning on roughened and sensitive surfaces.

Advantages of our masking tapes briefly

  • Easy and quiet rolling
  • Particularly supple carrier material
  • Easy to tear by hand
  • Quickly and precise work
  • For particularly sharp color edges
  • No underflowing or bleeding of the paint
  • High temperature resistance
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Removal without annoying adhesive residue
  • No reworking necessary
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