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Reclosable Fastener

The use of reclosable fasteners is a practical alternative to gluing, screwing, or drilling and opens completely new perspectives and possibilities in the field of connection technology. Especially when the connection should be invisible and secure, but detachable at any time.

Discover our wide range of self-adhesive reclosable fastener tapes.

In everyday life we constantly encounter reclosable fastener connections and are taken for granted there, e.g., on textiles such as shoes, jackets, bags or in the medical field such as cuffs or splints, even baby diapers are closed with Velcro.


What is the principle of the reclosable fastener tape?

The construction of a resealable fastener is very simple: The fastener system consists of two straps. One side is soft, which is why it is called a fleece tape and consists of many small loops. The other side has small barbs that interlock in the loops. The two bands are simply squeezed together and then stick together. A firm connection is created, which can, however, be loosened again at any time. The closures are durable and resistant.

Who invented the Velcro tape?

To be honest, it was nature. The Swiss engineer Georges de Mestral was regularly out in the nature and walking his dogs and had to remove numerous burdocks from the dogs' fur. At some point he began to take a closer look at the fruits under his microscope and discovered many tiny elastic hooks. And these ticks did not break even if the burdock was forcibly removed from clothing or fur. From this knowledge he developed the Reclosable fastener and had it patented in 1951.

This became one of the 50 most important inventions of the 20th century.

What are the advantages of a self-adhesive reclosable fastener tape?

  • removable fastenings
  • quick and clean assembly
  • vibration and noise dampening
  • invisible / concealed connection
  • no special tools required for assembly
  • easy connection of different materials
  • no corrosion, as Velcro straps are made of organic materials
  • surfaces are not damaged, no drilling, screwing, or riveting

What are the possible uses of self-adhesive reclosable fastener tape?

Especially when you want a connection that is not visible but can be released again at any time, the use of a reclosable fastener tape is the fastest and easiest option. Different materials can also be easily connected to one another.

In general industry, the resealable fastener system is used for a wide variety of fastenings daily. For example, revision covers are attached to production systems, air conditioning systems and elevators, remote controls have their fixed place on the corresponding devices and are always ready to hand and tools are stowed safely in maintenance trolleys but can be removed at any time.

In the transport sector and in special vehicles, resealable fastener strips are used to attach side panels, headliners and ceiling panels, seat and cushion covers securely but detachably, light panels as well as fixtures and accessories.

Reclosable fastenings are also being used more and more frequently on furniture. For example, upholstery is attached to seats, backrests and armrests, or blinds and roller blinds are attached to rails or directly to the window.

Other possible uses:

  • exhibition construction
  • fixation of carpets / rugs
  • lighting and decoration
  • used for Go boxes / toll box attachment
  • fly screens
  • wall coverings / posters
  • skirting boards / cable ducts
  • information boards / signs

The one-component fastener system

Klettband selbstklebend

This is a patented pressure lock system, which is used more and more in the automotive industry. The self-adhesive fastener tape consists of a polyolefin strip with "mushroom heads" on a short trunk. You can create a connection by simply pressing two of these elements together, and you can clearly hear them click into place. This connection, which can be connected and disconnected up to 1000 times, impresses with its enormous tensile strength. Strong adhesives made of synthetic rubber or acrylic on the back of the tape ensure a firm hold on various surfaces.

The optimal choice when rigid or semi-rigid elements are to be connected to one another.

The two-component fastener system

Haken & Flausch Klettband

The well-known variant requires two different components to create a reclosable fastener connection. One component has small hooks, the other has soft and flexible loops that are connected to one another by applying light pressure.

Particularly suitable for variable systems with curved shapes.

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On you will find two self-adhesive Velcro tape systems in different colors, widths and lengths. There is something for every application and surface. Whether the Velcro connection is used for indoor or outdoor applications or a particularly temperature-resistant Velcro connection is required, we have the right one on offer.

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