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Reflective tape

Anyone looking for a good reflective tape primarily wants to be seen in the dark. Regardless of whether it is about safety, information or advertising, there is sure to be the right one for you in our range.

Increase your visibility and safety - with reflective tape from

Our shop offers a wide range of high-quality, reflective, and luminescent adhesive tapes from well-known manufacturers such as 3M and Orafol as well as our own brand DONDO. They impress with their high quality and are suitable for commercial use as well as for use in private and or hobby areas.


What types of reflective tapes and foils are there?

Discover our selection of glowing and reflective adhesive tapes, adhesive dots, and adhesive films, all of which are self-adhesive and can be attached to numerous surfaces. You can choose between different colors, widths, and lengths, whereby all variants can be easily cut to the desired size. The reflective adhesive film as a 250x180mm sheet is perfect for punching out or cutting out individual shapes and patterns.

3M reflective tape Diamond Grade 4090/4092

The 3M reflective tape Diamond Grade 4090/4092 is an adhesive tape coated with a microprismatic film, which impresses with its particularly high reflection values. This tape is a product of the performance class RA3 / C and guarantees a high-quality and long-lasting quality. You can choose between the colors white (4090) and red (4092).

It is perfect for marking danger spots, bollards, gates, or barriers, to name just a few examples.

Dondo ULTR-Bright Reflektorband

Our Dondo ULTR-Bright reflective tape was specially developed to produce billboards and reflective advertising. It is a highly reflective foil tape of the performance class RA1, which can be used indoors and outdoors.

It is created for a weakly lit environment, whereby it should be noted: the darker the color of the tape, the darker the reflection. This reflective tape is available in white, yellow, and red, and you can also choose from different widths.

3M 610c

The 3M 610c reflective adhesive tape also belongs to the RA1 performance class and looks the same when the light is reflected during the day and night. It can be used for marking on vehicles as well as for vehicle advertising.

You can purchase the 3M 610c as an adhesive tape, as adhesive dots or as an adhesive sheet in the colors silver, yellow, red, and blue.

Nachleutfolie Orafol Oralux 9300

As the name suggests, the Orafol Oralux 9300 fluorescent film is not a reflective adhesive tape. It is a self-adhesive high-performance PVC film with an afterglow effect in the color light yellow. The film impresses with a particularly high initial brightness immediately after switching off the light source.

It is ideally suited for marking escape routes and danger spots indoors. In your own 4 walls, it can be attached to stairs, corners, or electrical switches for better orientation in the dark.

Features of the reflective tapes

The main feature of reflective film or reflector film is the ability to reflect incoming light and thus ensure visibility.

The strength of the reflection is specified in reflection classes:

  • RA1 – less reflection
  • RA2 – medium reflection
  • RA3 – very high reflection

There are also different types of film structure:

  • Structure A - glass microspheres are integrated in the film
  • Structure B - micro glass spheres are encapsulated in the film
  • Structure C - the foil consists of micro prisms

Advantages of our reflective tape

  • visibility in the dark by illuminating a light source
  • our range is self-adhesive
  • different colors to choose from
  • you can choose between different shapes and widths
  • available in different reflection classes
  • for indoor and outdoor use (fluorescent foil only for indoor use)

Possible applications

They are mainly used in road traffic, as traffic signs or to warn of dangers or obstacles. But reflective film is also often used for advertising or information signs.

In addition to safety vests, you can also see more and more functional clothing with reflective tape applied, whereby everyone should pay attention to their visibility and safety, especially in the dark season.

With the use of a reflective tape, you increase your visibility in the dark or in bad weather and on the other hand you have a visible decorative line, points or even self-designed patterns in daylight.

Other ways of using it:

  • to increase safety on construction sites, at danger spots
  • for marking bodies / commercial vehicles / trailers / prams
  • for advertising on the vehicle
  • visual enhancement of bicycles / cars / motorcycles etc.
  • Information or advertising signs
  • Geocaching
  • DIY, decoration, handicrafts

Notes on using reflective tapes and reflective foils

For the best possible gluing result, we recommend using reflective tapes and foils only on smooth, even surfaces. You should clean the surface before applying the stickers so that it is free of grease, dry and dust. For the adhesive force to develop its full effect, you have to run your finger several times over the film or the reflective tape and press it on.

If you have any questions about our reflective adhesive tapes, we can be reached on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. by calling 033971/302417 or by email at [email protected]

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