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Sealant tapes waterproof roof

Our online shop offers various sealing tapes made by the leading brand 3M as well as our own brand DONDO.

If water finds its way, serious damage can occur. The smallest, leaky spots on roofs should be fixed as quickly as possible to avoid the unpredictable. Our self-adhesive sealing tapes are practical to use and represent a good alternative to tube sealants.

You are looking for a reliable, self-adhesive sealing tape for the roof? You will find it here!

We offer sealing tapes for roofs in various thicknesses, widths, lengths and colors, which can be used indoors and outdoors as well.


Would you like to repair a leak in the roof, fix a crack in the rain gutter or simply prevent possible futures leaks?

You are sure to find what you are looking for in our roof sealing tape section.

You are up to seal something as good as invisible?

Dondo Seal

This is exactly why we had our sealing tape Dondo sealing tape developed for.

It is highly transparent and has excellent adhesive properties on a wide variety of materials. Due to its transparency, it is ideal for use on roofs made of glass and laminated safety glass. In addition to the high flexibility and shape adaptability, the sealing tape has very good weather resistance and guarantees permanent hold at high temperatures of up to 93 degrees.

The roof of a caravan, garden shed, or a carport possibly covered with tar paper, should it be repaired or sealed?

3M 4411 Sealing Tape

Then the 3M 4411 sealing tape is the perfect solution!

This sealing tape seals edges, contours, transitions and even rivets and screw heads in no time at all. It is ideal for waterproofing roofs that are exposed to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and moisture. The special thing is that this tape can be painted over and is therefore universally applicable. In addition, this sealing tape is more durable than many common industrial solvents.

Available in two colors, each in five different widths.

You are looking for a way to seal the roof of a poly greenhouse?

3M 4828

The 3M 4828 sealing tape is precisely qualified for this.

This sealing tape was specially developed for outdoor applications such as sealing, bundling, wrapping, abrasion protection and as a protective layer for various surfaces. Roofs made of foil or glass can be easily repaired or sealed. The sealing tape has a strong, flexible, and transparent polyethylene carrier material and impresses with a thickness of only 0.15 mm.

To achieve a safe, convincing, and long-lasting result, please follow the instructions for use. We have listed these in the product description for each of the items. You will also find further information such as resistance, adhesive strength, and areas of application.

You ain’t quite sure yet and need personal advice?

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