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Adhesive pads for smoke detectors

Are you looking for a clean, quick, and safe way to mount smoke alarms without drilling?

We are sure you will find what you are looking for in our category adhesive pads for smoke detectors!

Our double-sided adhesive DonDo foam pads were specially developed for installing smoke detectors.

They consist of a white, closed-cell PE foam, which is provided with a modified solvent acrylate adhesive on both sides. This adhesive works excellent on surfaces of all common materials used in house construction as well as on metals, paints, plastics, glass, and ceramics.


Is there an obligation to install smoke detectors in Germany?

Yes, there is. The installation of smoke detectors is mandatory by law in all German federal states. At least for new and renovated buildings. Saxony is the only federal state in which this has not yet been compulsory for already existing buildings.

Which rooms do smoke alarms have to be installed in?

Since fire protection is federally regulated, there are differences in the regulations for installation depending on the federal state. These can be looked up in the respective state building regulations. There is a standard stipulation, for example, that all bedrooms, children's rooms, and hallways that are considered escape routes must be equipped with a smoke detector.

In Berlin and Brandenburg, living rooms must be equipped also. Since it is about your and your family’s safety, we recommend: Better more than less!

How should smoke alarms be positioned?

  • Always in accordance with instructions shown in the operating manual
  • On the ceiling, as smoke always rises upwards
  • If possible, in the middle of the room with a distance of at least 50 cm from walls, lamps or beams
  • In a horizontal position
  • Do not install near air ducts or places with strong drafts
  • smoke detectors adhesive pads

    We have 3 different diameters of smoke detector adhesive pads in our range 105mm Diameter, 80mm Diameter and 50mm Diameter so that you can find the right size for your smoke detector with us.

    Installing a smoke detector with our adhesive pads is easy

    1. Thoroughly clean both surfaces to be bonded and let them dry out
    2. Remove the protective film from one side of the adhesive pad and place it with the adhesive surface on your smoke detector on the mounting side
    3. Apply the adhesive pad with pressure
    4. Remove the second protective film and press the smoke detector to the desired spot for approx. 30 seconds
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