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tesa tape

A huge selection of tesa adhesive tapes for household, hobby, craft and of course for industry awaits you at Do you need a waterproof or heat-resistant tesa adhesive tape for outdoor use or should it be removable again?

tesa Brand quality directly from the official partner

As an official partner of one of the world's leading manufacturers of self-adhesive products, you can buy the best tesa quality from us on affordable prices. We also ship within one working day and even free of charge within Germany.


The history of tesa

The company's history starts with a unsuccessful attempt by Paul C. Beiersdorf to develop a plaster. Dr. Oscar Troplowitz took over the company's founder's laboratory in 1890 and brought the first technical adhesive tape onto the market in 1896. The Cito sports adhesive plaster for patching tires of bicycles was born. In 1906 the name “tesa” was invented and a successful story took its course

  • 1936 - tesafilm was born
  • 1941 - Market launch of the painter's tape called tesakrepp
  • 1954 - the self-adhesive sealing profile tesamoll is invented
  • 1982 - the first tesa plant outside of Europe opens in Sparta (USA)
  • 1989 - the tesa fly screen celebrates its premiere
  • 1990 - tesa introduces the new, globally logo
  • 1994 - the tesa Powerstripes conquer the market
  • 2001 - the tesa division becomes independent and turns into tesa AG
  • 2002 - at the Offenburg plant, a solvent-free one developed by tesa is launched
  • 2006 - tesa joins the United Nations Global Compact
  • 2011 - the sub-brand tesa EcoLogo - “Green” products for the office is launched
  • tesa relies on sustainability

    tesa wants its products to have as little negative impact as possible on global challenges such as climate change or scarcity of resources over their entire life cycle. To achieve that; alternative materials are continuously tested, and renewable energies are used.

    For more than 10 years, tesa has been focusing on environmentally friendly adhesives that contain neither solvents nor bleach. This resulted in the tesa ecoLogo product line for the office in 2011. tesa has set itself the goal of being completely climate neutral by 2050.

    The tesa brand has a wide range of products. From the well-known packaging tape, double-sided and extra strong adhesive tapes to the all-rounder, the duct tape.

    Here is a small selection of our tesa products. Discover your tesa adhesive tape!

    Tesa 4334 masking tape

    The tesa 4334 Plus Precision Crepe Plus was developed for precise painting work and is also perfect for filling work. This tesa masking tape, which consists of an extremely thin and tear-resistant paper backing, gives you sharp-edged colored edges and keeps the color from running underneath the tape. The adhesive tape is used on various surfaces, including sensitive ones, and can be removed without leaving any residue for up to 6 months in any inside areas.

    Tesa 4943 double sided tape

    The tesafix 4943 is a double-sided tesa adhesive tape with a fleece backing that is suitable for gluing paper, leather or for laminating textiles as well as for assembling light objects. With a thickness of only 0.1 mm and provided with an acrylate adhesive, it guarantees high initial adhesive strength and good shear resistance.

    Tesa packaging tape 64014

    As a matter of fact, the packaging tape is probably one of the most well-known adhesive tapes. But also, or especially with packing tapes, there are enormous differences in quality and those who pack a lot of parcels every day know for sure what we are talking about.

    With the tesa packaging tape 64014 we have a single-sided standard adhesive tape with a carrier material made of polypropylene film, which is covered with an adhesive made of acrylate. It can be rolled out quietly and is available in the versions transparent and brown.

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