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White adhesive tapes

In our online shop you will find a large selection of white adhesive tapes, adhesive pads or adhesive dots in various sizes, widths, and lengths, one-sided or double-sided.

You are looking for a white adhesive tape? Then you have come to the right place!

We are specialized in supplying products which will fit your needs exactly. Best of all, you can order online, safe, and comfy on low prices with a speedy delivery. What are you waiting for?


Would you like to fasten something to a white surface or connect white objects to each other? We will show you different kinds of white adhesive tape. There is something for everyone!

Different types, possible uses, and areas of application of white adhesive tapes

Something needs to be fastened, connected, or repaired quickly?

Duct tape white

Well, let us recommend the white duct tape from our range.

The fabric tape is an all-rounder that has already proven itself due to its uncomplicated handling. Although it is made of tear-resistant fabric, it can be separated easily. It can be used almost anywhere and impresses with a wide variety of features, such as water and aging resistance.

Live cables are to be marked, bundled, or insulated?

white insulating tape

Considering our white insulating tapes ,you are safe to find what you are looking for.

The fact of no electrical conductivity is their main characteristic. Our white insulating tape can be used in- and outdoors, adapts perfectly to different surfaces and is a good pick for your home or garden as well.

You like to attach something to a white surface, e.g. tiles, furniture, windows or a wall without drilling?

We offer a wide range of white double-sided foam adhesive tapes and adhesive pads. When it comes to leveling out irregularities in the surface from the things to be bonded, the white foam adhesive tape is a very good choice. It is suitable for many materials and meets requirements as much as it gets. It is often used for mirror assembly and in the hobby and craft sector, to name just a few examples.

You like to mask something exactly, without any distortion on the radii and the curves?

Well, you will surely find the right product among our white contour tapes.

A thin, highly flexible PVC adhesive tape that is particularly stretchy and supple. The perfect support for a clean job to be done. Especially popular with painters and varnishers, it is becoming increasingly popular in the hobby area for special DIY projects.

white contour tape

Product variety of the highest quality

The range of white adhesive tape on is versatile. We offer many different types of white adhesive tape with a wide variety of properties. You can choose almost every article we hold in stock in optimal length and width as required.

We have included detailed information on special properties and notes in each individual product description. There it is noted whether the adhesive tape is waterproof or weatherproof, whether it can be used indoors and/ or outdoors and what temperatures it can withstand for example.

Our product range offers white adhesive tapes made by manufacturers such as 3M or Tesa as well as products from our own brand DonDo. Of course, we also offer a variety of uncomplicated payment options and ship free of charge within Germany. You ain’t quite sure yet and need personal advice?

We are here for you and can be contacted at:

E-Mail: ([email protected])
Phone: (033971 / 302417)
or Fax: (033971 / 302419).

We will be happy to answer all your questions and to support you in terms of finding the right product that fit your needs. You are you a commercial customer which needs a white adhesive tape in different dimensions as shown in our shop for your daily consumption? Let us know and we try to find a suitable solution for you. We look forward to helping you out.

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