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3M grinding discs & cutting discs

Those who value a perfect result in metal processing rely on products from 3M. You too can benefit from the groundbreaking technology of the 3M precision-formed ceramic abrasive grain.

A strong partner in metal processing and processing

The high-performance scrubbing discs & cutting discs from 3M have been developed to guarantee a long service life even in the toughest conditions. Convince yourself of the longevity and consistent quality over the entire service life. The 3M "SILVER" grinding and cutting discs guarantee a high stock removal rate or cutting performance and a long service life with exceptional results. They are the best choice for many different applications in production, industry, and craft.


The 3M precision grain technology

With the patented precision abrasive grit, the 3M brand has achieved the revolution. With this technology, the ceramic high-performance abrasive grain was brought into a defined geometric shape, whereby the grain tips break off during the grinding process and create new, sharp edges. With only little effort, the precision abrasive grit quickly achieves an even finish and has a longer service life than conventional products.

3M grinding disc 51748

3M grinding disc 51748

For a particularly fast and even finish with a consistently high removal rate over the entire service life.

Areas of application:

  • removal of weld seams
  • bevel
  • deburr
  • surface grinding
3M cutting disc 51790

3M cutting disc 51790

The cutting disc of the “Silver” series impresses with a clean cut, extremely smooth results and at the same time a long service life.

Ideal for:

  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • alloyed steel
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