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carpet seaming tape

You would like to lay a carpet or other flooring in an uncomplicated manner? A doormat should be securely fixed? Do you want step mats to be attached to a staircase?

With one of our carpet installation tapes at this task becomes a no-brainer!

Simply provide a non-slip floor covering and thus more safety in your environment. Thanks to strong, high-performance adhesives, a permanent connection is created that can be removed relatively easily if necessary.

In a rented apartment, in particular, no one likes to lay a carpet by covering the entire surface with liquid adhesive, because when moving out it is usually difficult to remove it again.


Choose the practical, but still safe alternative, our double-sided carpet laying tapes.

application possibilities:

  • For the assembly of plinth and decorative strips
  • Gluing carpet strips inside the skirting board
  • Use as a film seam tape
  • Fixings in shop-fitting
  • For lamination on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Advertising material and sign construction
  • Handicrafts, hobby, decoration, DIY
Dondo Mounting tape

Our Dondo Mounting tape impresses with a multitude of effective features. It is an installation tape made of a polyester scrim, which is affixed on both sides with a very aggressive acrylate dispersion adhesive. This solvent-free adhesive offers enormous initial adhesion on many different materials, can be used indoors and outdoors, and on top of that it is temperature-resistant up to 120 ° C.

3M 9525

The 3M brand has always shone with outstanding quality. The double-sided adhesive 9525 laying tape is created to reliably lay carpets or other floor coverings stress-free and in the shortest possible time. The tape consists of a cellular wool fabric carrier, which is provided with a synthetic rubber adhesive on both sides and thus guarantees very good immediate adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces. The 9525-laying tape also adheres reliably to uneven substrates and rough structures, resulting in a wide range of applications.


  • Double-sided installation/ laying tape
  • Very high instant adhesion thanks to the extra strong adhesive
  • Firm and secure bonding
  • The connection can be entered or processed immediately
  • Easy to tear off by hand
  • Perfect for uneven surfaces and surfaces with structure

Tips for securing a carpet with laying tape

  • Clean the surface
  • In the case of smaller areas, it is sufficient to fix the edges
  • For larger rooms, use the installation tape to also stick an X from corner to corner
  • Areas in which there is a lot of movement, e.g., hallways or door areas, apply several strips of installation tape
  • Lay the adhesive tape on the floor with pressure, then peel off the upper protective film, position the carpet and press down where the adhesive tape was placed
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