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Elastic buffer - bumpons self-adhesive

We carry a large range of self-adhesive elastic buffers from well-known manufacturers such as 3M or our high-quality own brand "Bumpondo".

Are you looking for elastic buffers / bumpons? Then you have found the right place!

If you are looking for high-quality, self-adhesive and easy-to-attach bumpons, rubber feet or elastic buffers, then we have just what you are looking for!


What types of bumpons are there anyway?

We offer you different designs of self-adhesive bumpons, rubber feet and elastic buffers. Our products differ in color, number of pieces, shape, and area of application.

Halbrunde Elastikpuffer

3M SJ5303 half-round bump stop.

The semicircular buffers are often used as protection in furniture construction, e.g. on doors and drawers. This dampens noise and protects against wear and tear.

Elastikpuffer Quadrate

3M SJ5018 self-adhesive feet.

This shape is often used in HIFI & loudspeaker construction as a self-adhesive stand. This dampens vibrations and prevents the devices from slipping.

flache Elastikpuffer

3M SJ6512 flat Bumpons.

This shape is mainly used because of its good anti-slip properties. Because the "anti-slip effect" is better with a higher contact surface.


Various special forms Bumpondo.

We also have many special shapes in our range. So, you are sure to find the right Bumpon variant for your application.

Only polyurethane is used for our products, as it is free from plasticizers and is kind to people and the environment.

The self-adhesive rubber feet, bumpons and elastic buffers that you can find in our online shop are durable, non-slip and very resistant. Thanks to the use of the exclusive pressure-sensitive adhesive, our bumpons are also easy to attach to desired objects and do not leave any scratches or stains on the surface.

What are the various Bumpons from used for?

The possible uses and areas of application for the small elastic buffers are just as diverse as our range of bumpons. Here are just three typical applications for our self-adhesive elastic buffers and rubber feet in industry and commerce.

Stop buffers

If you want to use the elastic buffers as stop buffers, this is particularly suitable for doors, drawers, and furniture. For example, you can use doorstops to protect the walls or place them on the corners of furniture or drawers to reduce noise and ensure a longer life for furniture, cabinets, and floors.


In industry, the self-adhesive elastic buffers from our range are often used as spacers, for example for picture frames or devices. In this way, pictures and paintings can be stabilized and walls can be protected from damage. If you want to place objects made of glass or acrylic, our elastic buffers are ideal for preventing the glass from sliding and absorbing dangerous vibrations. The same applies to housings of household appliances, kitchen boards, trays or glass furniture.

Protection buffers

Especially when using machines and vehicles, the self-adhesive elastic buffers are best suited to dampen and weaken vibrations and noises from engines or other sources of noise. Squeaking, rattling or any other interfering noises from many areas of the automotive industry are also prevented by using the small polyurethane buffers, making work more pleasant.

There are many advantages of our self-adhesive rubber feet / elastic buffers

  1. vibration, noise, and shock absorbing
  2. sealing and non-slip feet
  3. permanently elastic stop buffers
  4. as spacers for air circulation

The self-adhesive feature of our elastic buffers is guaranteed by two adhesive systems. The use of acrylate enables a remarkable final adhesive strength, while the synthetic rubber as an adhesive ensures very good immediate adhesion to surfaces. Both adhesives are pressure-sensitive and adhere quickly and permanently to many surfaces such as glass, ceramic, metal, wood, or porcelain.

Always remember, the surfaces have been cleaned and freed from grease beforehand.

Our products are easy to use and easy to apply to the objects you want. All you must do is pull the Bumpon elastic buffer off the protective film and press it on - that's it! Tools such as mechanical clamps or expensive double-sided adhesives are no longer necessary!

Concrete application examples for Bumpons

Regardless of whether it is household appliances, flaps, device housings or furniture, Bumpons from represent a simple and inexpensive solution to dampen noise and vibrations and avoid signs of wear and tear.

  • Sheets, facade elements, flaps, device housings and shutters
  • Windows, doors, drawers of cupboards and chests of drawers, furniture, interior linings, walls
  • Classic household appliances, laptops, decorations made of glass, wood, metal, or ceramics
  • Boards, backs of paintings or pictures

Applications in trade and industry

You can effectively benefit from the advantages of self-adhesive elastic buffers in these areas of industry:

  1. Automotive sector
  2. Electrical industry
  3. Glass industry
  4. As a spacer for air circulation
  5. Home appliances
  6. Mechanical engineering
  7. Furniture making
  8. Consumer electronics

If you have any questions about our wide range of products or if you have any suggestions, you can reach us weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. by calling 033971/302417 or by email at [email protected]

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