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2k epoxy glue adhesive

The two-component adhesive, also called 2K adhesive, creates a very strong and resilient connection between two materials. With the help of the adhesive, materials such as metals, plastic, glass, ceramics, or wood can be connected to one another.

It only takes a few minutes to cure. It is therefore known as a reactive adhesive and consists of the following components: Basically, a resin such as epoxy resin or acrylate resin ensures the necessary bond. This is supplemented with a hardener that supports rapid hardening.


Two-component adhesive - the advantages in brief

The two-component adhesive is characterized by the fact that it can dry out at any room temperature - no matter how thick the layer was applied. The high resilience and durability are further advantages. Due to the short processing time, you can do repairs quickly.

A good preparation of the materials is the first step to a perfect result, because after the adhesive has been applied, the components should be glued together quickly.

Exact execution of the mixing of the component adhesive and its precise application are therefore of great importance. If you wait too long, the process of curing the glue will start too quickly.

What two-component adhesives are there and what are their advantages

Two-component adhesives can be divided into the following three categories: adhesives with polymerization, polyaddition and polycondensation. They name different types of reaction of the individual adhesives, which we explain below.

The greatest advantage of polymerization adhesives is that the mixing ratio does not have to be adhered to so precisely for curing to take place. This is achieved through a high proportion of hardener in the reaction adhesive. In addition, it does not contain any solvents and is therefore less of a health concern.

Polyaddition adhesives are characterized by their high strength. At the same time, there is less hardener included, so the processing time is a little longer. Here it is important that the adhesive is mixed exactly according to the manufacturer's instructions. However, you should note here that the reactive adhesive is subject to faster aging and is less resistant than the others.

The most important properties of the polycondensation adhesive are its high strength and long processing time.

Important properties of two-component adhesives - suitability, viscosity, load capacity and curing time

Choosing the right adhesive is crucial to achieve an optimal bond between the components. First, you should check the suitability for the various materials. You can find detailed information on this on the respective product. The component adhesive can only achieve optimum adhesive strength if it is suitable.

The term viscosity describes the flow behavior. Low viscosity refers to a thin and high viscosity a thick adhesive. If you do not have that much experience in the application, we recommend using a thin-bodied adhesive.

The resilience of the reaction adhesive is another important point. As a rule, the products achieve great strength and durability.

The curing time describes how long the glue needs to dry. Depending on how much glue has been used, this can take a different amount of time. The only thing that matters is that the materials dry at room temperature.

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