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3M adhesive tapes

Are you looking for an adhesive tape with special characteristics? Weatherproof, waterproof, temperature-resistant or extra strong adhesive? Regardless of whether it is needed in the home or garden, for the hobby, in the handicraft or industrially, you are sure to find the right adhesive tape here.

3M brand quality - buy online safely, quickly, and cheaply

As an official partner, we offer you the highest 3M quality at a fair price in a wide variety of designs.


Our extensive range of 3M adhesive tapes

  • double-sided adhesive tapes
  • insulating tapes
  • contour bands
  • transfer tapes
  • sealing tapes
  • reflective tapes
  • masking tapes
  • anti - slip tapes

3M - the experts for secure bonding

A company history that began in Minnesota (USA) in 1902 is now one of the most innovative companies in the world. Around 96,000 employees in 70 countries are constantly developing new, individual solutions that make life easier every day in a variety of ways. You can find 3M technologies pretty much anytime and anywhere: at home, in the office, in the hospital, at the dentist, on the phone, PC or car.

The advantages of adhesive connections are obvious:

  • an invisible connection without bothersome screws or rivets
  • the material surface is not damaged
  • timesaving without noise and dirt
  • uncomplicated application, as no additional tools are required

3M VHB tapes

V - Very H – High B – Bond (very strong adhesive, so to speak)

Are double-sided high-performance adhesive tapes made of a 100% closed-cell acrylate adhesive, which has a very high instant adhesion and excellent adhesive properties with high tensile and shear strength. In addition, the connection created is vibration-damping and sealing. Thanks to their high adaptability, they enable tension-free bonding on smooth and rough as well as high or low energy surfaces. The 3M VHB adhesive tapes are also suitable for joining material combinations such as plastic and metal, because the different thermal expansion values are compensated for by the adhesive tape. They also have high temperature, weather, UV, and solvent resistance.

When processing it is important to wait for the final adhesive strength and only then to load the connection.

The type of high-performance connection is used worldwide in a wide variety of industrial areas such as aircraft, metal, vehicle, ship, and rail vehicle construction as well as in the electrical and electronics industry.

  • 4905 - is particularly suitable for gluing highly transparent materials
  • 4941 - perfect for connecting metallic substrates or stone optics
  • 4952 - for low-energy surfaces such as hard PVC, ABS, or polycarbonate
  • 4950 - for high-energy surfaces such as steel or aluminum, but also glass, ceramics, and various plastics
  • 5952 - for a quick and safe connection, especially of high-energy materials
  • 060GF - for applications at high operating temperatures, for high and medium-energy materials
  • Acrylic Foam / Acrylic Plus adhesive tapes

    Acrylic adhesive tapes adhere very well to many automotive paints as well as to a large number of plastics. They are the first choice when it comes to securely and long-term attaching add-on parts such as spoilers, strips, etc. to the car. The adhesive tapes consist of a 100% closed-cell acrylate adhesive, which is extremely elastic. This enables tension-free bonding, as any energies that occur are absorbed and compensated for. In addition, the adhesive tapes impress with their resistance to temperature, weather, UV radiation and solvents.

    Für welche Anbauteile werden die Acrylic Foam und Acrylic Plus Klebebänder häufig verwendet?

    • spoilers
    • headlight und taillight seal
    • emblems
    • windshield frames
    • antenas
    • sunroof frame / seal
    • pillar/ paneling
    • wheel arch widening
    • longitudinal beams
    • Add-on rockers
    • sensors
    • exterior mirrors
    • sealings
    • decorative strips

    LSE adhesive tapes

    L – Low S – Surface E – Energie

    They also belong to the VHB adhesive tapes, but the adhesive has been modified in such a way that a secure and long-term connection of materials with low surface energy is possible. These difficult-to-bond materials include plastics such as PP, PE, PMMA, PTFE or PVC. These plastics are generally soft and have a low density, but although they adhere well to one another, liquids repel, and this means that they are difficult to glue together.

    With the LSE adhesive tapes from 3M, such bonding becomes child's play, even without applying a primer beforehand. The adhesive tapes consist of a 100% closed-cell acrylic foam coated on both sides. They have a high instant adhesive strength and can also be used to connect high, medium, and low-energy substrates. This means that metals, e.g., stainless steel, can be easily combined with a plastic material.

    Tips for successful gluing:

    • thoroughly clean the surfaces; they must be dry and free from dust, oil, and other contaminants
    • cleaning supplies that leave no residue and do not attack the surfaces, e.g., a 3M cleaning cloth, are suitable for this
    • apply the adhesive tape over the entire surface as possible, do not stretch it and avoid air inclusions, then press firmly
    • remove the upper protective cover (liner) and attach the counterpart with pressure
    • please make sure that neither the adhesive surface nor the adhesive itself are touched
    • wait for the specified final adhesive strength before putting weight on

    If you have any questions about 3M adhesive tapes, we can be reached on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on the phone number 033971 302417 or by email at [email protected].

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