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Black reclosable fastener

Are you looking for an alternative fastening option for furniture fronts, moldings, posters, curtains or maybe even your license plate that can be detached at any time and want to do without drilling, riveting, screws, or clips?

In our section "Reclosable fastener tape, black" you will definitely find the right one for you.

All our self-adhesive, black reclosable fastener tapes are provided with a high-strength synthetic rubber or acrylic adhesive and can therefore be used on many surfaces, yes, almost universally.

You will find explicit information on the adhesive strength and fastening effect in the respective product descriptions. In addition, special properties are listed to make the selection as easy as possible for you.


The different types of black Velcro straps

At you will find both the classic two (hook and loop) and the one-component system "Dual Lock" from 3M.

One-component systems

This is a patented pressure lock system 3M Dual Lock, which is being used more and more in the automotive industry. The black self-adhesive reclosable fastener tape consists of a polyolefin strip with "mushroom heads" on a short trunk. This connection, which can be connected and disconnected up to 1000 times, impresses with its enormous tensile strength. You can create a connection by simply pressing two of these elements together, and you can clearly hear them click into place. Strong adhesives made of synthetic rubber or acrylic on the back of the reclosable fastener tape ensure a firm hold on various surfaces.

The optimal choice if you want to connect rigid or semi-rigid elements together.

All existing versions of the self-adhesive 3M reclosable fastener tapes from the SJ35xx series can easily be combined with one another and are therefore dynamic in terms of their closing and separating forces.

3M 3540

The 3M SJ3540 is a black snap fastener tape with synthetic rubber adhesive on the back and impresses with its high instant adhesion and adhesive strength on plastic materials, powder-coated surfaces, and other materials with low surface energy. The surface is equipped with 40 hemispherical heads per cm², which guarantees a balanced ratio between holding power and releasability.

3M SJ3551

The 3M SJ3551 version is provided with a foamed acrylate adhesive from the VHB system and has been designed for bonding metal, glass, plastic materials, and paintwork with medium to high surface energy. 62 heads per cm² enable a very strong hold and make a connection difficult to loosen again.

3M SJ3550

The black reclosable fastener 3M SJ3550 is also provided with a high-performance, foamed acrylate adhesive from the VHB system and is therefore ideal for bonding on metal, powder coatings or glass. The tape impresses with its high temperature, moisture and UV resistance and is therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. This version also has 40 heads per cm² and therefore harmonizes perfectly with the SJ3540 should a plastic be connected to a metal element.

3M DL400 5361

The self-adhesive fastening system 3M DL400/5361 is equipped with an AR7 adhesive, which develops a high initial and final adhesive strength on many paint systems and is therefore predestined for applications in and on the vehicle. Advantageous are the visco-elastic properties of this high-performance adhesive tape, which, in conjunction with the hemispherical heads, cushion the unwanted rattling of components.

Two component systems

The well-known variant requires two different components to create a reclosable fastener connection. One component has small hooks, the other has soft and flexible loops that are connected to one another by applying slight pressure.

This self-adhesive connection system is controllable and can be applied in a concealed manner for the removable attachment of e.g.:

  • signs
  • pictures
  • curtains
  • exhibits
  • This system is used in the automotive and aircraft industries, in electronics, advertising and decoration, as well as in medical apparatus and aids.

    3M 3526 & 3527

    The self-adhesive variants SJ3526 & SJ3527 from 3M are made of durable nylon fabric and can be opened and closed again several thousand times if necessary. The synthetic rubber adhesive on the back ensures a very high level of immediate adhesion and is designed for permanent bonding indoors.

    Klettband schwarz Dondo

    The black universal reclosable fastener from DonDo is a high-quality hook and loop Velcro tape made of polyamide & polyester. It is attached with a high-strength acrylate adhesive, which has excellent adhesive strength on almost all surfaces.

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