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Duct tape & gaffer's tape

The all-rounder among the adhesive tapes is a one-sided adhesive fabric tape, which shines with universal application possibilities.

Do you need black duct tape? You can find it here!

In our range you will find various black armored tapes from the brands 3M, Tesa and our own brand DONDO. At you buy quality – on low prices, convenient, fast and without additional shipping costs, within Germany.


What actually is duct tape?

The armored tape is a particularly stable and durable fabric adhesive tape, which impresses with its very high adhesive strength and tear resistance. It owes its special name to the Army because the tank is probably the epitome of durability and stability.

The fabric tape itself is a thin-walled and flexible material with a woven structure that ensures tear resistance. In return, you can easily tear off the duct tape with your hand. The fabric tape is attached with a particularly strong adhesive made of rubber, hot melt, or rubber resin, which guarantees a very high level of immediate adhesion.

What can the black duct tape be used for?

The fabric tape is an all-rounder in the truest sense of the word and is therefore gladly and reliably used in a wide variety of areas of life and work.

Let’s name a few specific examples:

  • Exhibition construction
  • Stage construction
  • Repairs
  • Bundle up
  • Marking
  • Packing
  • Fixation
  • Protect
  • Get creative!

    Our TOP 3 duct tapes

    Dontex black

    1th Place Dontex-Pro black

    Our PE fabric adhesive tape is affixed with a hot melt adhesive that guarantees a very high level of immediate adhesion. This black duct tape is firm to the touch and yet flexible in use. It is suitable for many surfaces, regardless of whether it is smooth, rough, or uneven, and impresses with its unlimited range of uses.

    We have 11 differend colors

    Tesa 4688 black

    2th Place Tesa 4688

    With this black PE-extruded duct tape made of 55 mesh PET / cellulose fabric, you are buying an all-rounder, for all repairs, for trade fair construction, for packaging, marking, bundling, etc. This duct tape is covered with a rubber adhesive, which enables a very high level of immediate adhesion.

    3M 389 black

    3th Place 3M 389

    This black PE-extruded duct tape from 3M is a veritable universal repair tape that can also be used in damp conditions. The polyethylene-coated carrier material is cross-linked with a rubber-resin adhesive that guarantees extremely high adhesive strength on both smooth and rough surfaces.

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