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3M VHB GPH 060GF 19mm x 3meters

The double-sided adhesive tapes from the GPH (General Purpose High Temperature) series are ideal for multi-material connections, withstand short-term high temperatures of up to +230 ° C and offer excellent adaptability with very high immediate adhesion.


  • Length: 3 m
  • Width: 19mm
  • Thickness: approx. 0.6mm
  • Quantity: 1 roll

Application areas e.g.:

  • For the connection of high and medium energy materials such as B. Metals (e.g., steel, stainless steel, and aluminum), glass, ceramics and many plastics (e.g., hard PVC, ABS, acrylic glass / PMMA, polycarbonate, PA)
  • For joining painted materials
  • For bonding before powder Coating
  • For indoor and outdoor use
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The company 3M, which stands above all for quality, is constantly developing new and improved adhesive tapes, such as this one from the generation of 3M VHB adhesive tapes. It impresses with its versatile application and design options. The tapes in this range are used in a myriad of applications around the world as it is difficult to find comparable products with the same strength and reliability.

The GPH adhesive tape is a cost-effective solution for permanently strong connections. Due to the high adhesive strength of the adhesive, different materials can be easily connected to one another, while this is not possible with screws, rivets, or welded connections.

The following properties of this product are of particular interest to you as a user:

The heat resistance of the adhesive tape allows you to connect materials that have different thermal expansion together. For example, veneer parts on automobiles can also be securely attached near the engine (with heat generation). Corrosion does not affect the tape either. Attach a panel to your dishwasher, the parts hold even when the machine moves. Viewing windows on kitchen appliances, for example on the stove, are attached in a flash and, above all, watertight. And thanks to the subtle colors of the adhesive tape, design and decorative elements can be attached neatly and almost invisibly to furniture and various surfaces. The possible uses are diverse, if only due to the high adaptability and immediate adhesion. The tape is flexible and adheres so quickly that you can continue to use the parts immediately after assembly.


  • Permanently strong Connections
  • Very high instant adhesion
  • High adaptability
  • Heat resistant
  • Density function
  • Vibration dampening, force absorbing

Advantage and areas of application:

  • The high temperature resistance enables use in applications with high operating temperatures, such as before powder Coating
  • Ideal for multi-material connections: an adhesive tape for high and medium-energy materials such as metals (e.g., steel) and various plastics (e.g., PA, acrylic glass / PMMA, ABS).
  • Suitable for applications such as B. metalworking, signage, mechanical engineering, and toy vehicle Industry
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Processing Information:

  1. Cleaning the Surface
  2. Wear suitable gloves. Pay attention to the information in the safety data sheet of the respective cleaner.
  3. Use clean cleaning cloths (lint-free, fragrance-free, plasticizer-free).
  4. Use suitable cleaning agents (e.g., 3M cleaner for 3M VHB adhesive tapes) depending on the degree of soiling and the surface (no household cleaning agents that moisturize).
  5. Repeat cleaning until the surface is clean and free of grease. Change the cleaning cloth.
  6. Use the "3M Silane Glass Primer" on glass surfaces (please note the relevant application instructions).

Applying the tape:

  • The processing temperature (object and ambient temperature) should be between + 15 ° C and + 25 ° C.
  • Place the adhesive tape on the surface to be glued, pull it tight, but do not overstretch it. Avoid air inclusions.
  • Do not stick the first part of the adhesive tape that was touched (let it protrude and cut it off).
  • Immediately press on / roll on the adhesive tape well with approx. 20 N / cm².
  • Remove the protective cover and attach the second part to be joined
  • Remove the protective cover in one piece to avoid "stop marks"
  • Do not touch the adhesive Surface
  • After removing the protective cover, glue the second part promptly in order to avoid soiling on the open gluing surface.
  • Pressure on the second part of the sash
  • Pressure on the second part to be joined with approx. 20 N / cm². Avoid air inclusions.
  • Important: Make sure that it is positioned correctly, as it is no longer possible to remove it again due to the high adhesive strength.
  • Wait for the final bond strength
  • The final bond strength at 20 ° C is reached after 72 hours.
  • The process is accelerated by heat.

  • Content: 3,00 m

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